1.15 Known Issues

Here are some issues we’re currently investigating following the 1.15 update:

  • When you finish a friend campaign episode, it returns you to the hero screen rather than the friend campaign screen.

These issues were fixed with the 1.15-A server update:

  • The Claim All button in the mail can claim all of your Guild Coin mail messages, but not add them to your total.
  • Invalid Loot errors for Trials and Port

These issues were fixed with the 1.15.1 client update:

  • Boost timers are starting when the heroes start their entrance, and not when combat begins.
  • Gold loot totals in Hard City Watch are displaying incorrectly. This is a display issue only, and the correct amount of gold is being credited to players.

Didn’t saw this…

Many bugs now.

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I looked again at refreshed heroes, it looks like only BASE stats are improved, skills are not touched, so even the “more damage” which supposed be added to an skill isn’t added.
Either new effect such as heal or armor reduction.
Slow from Maui’s disk isn’t changed, same as improved healing from Hatter’s disk.
Afterall, sadly not much changed to refreshed heroes :frowning:

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The skills displaying the placeholder text, and the refresh heroes not showing their refresh states are related and something that we’re investigating.


Invasion: It looks like that Boosts doesn‘t start at any time. Used all Boosts and was Instant dead before my Heroes can even move.


@Musketeer The data is correct in the game. It looks like your client didn’t download everything during the update. Try restarting the game and let me know if that fixes it.

The same problem in inasion. All heroes dies on entry in breaker fights. Invincible does not work at all anymore.


So now, Stitch reduce armor, Mr. Inc heals, but still, skill description (for red skill still buged) isn’t changed.

No idea what amount are on.


Launchpad (hiro) disk and gizmoduck (launch) disk both only affect red heroes? Is that correct @Polaris ? Or is a typo?

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The “Red Team allies” only applies to the first bonus in both cases.

The sorting seems to be broken, or changed -

When set to Rank the heroes would normally show in rank order first & power order second. I’m not sure what the second sort is now… it’s not power :thinking:

New issue above:

  • The Claim All button in the mail can claim all of your Guild Coin mail messages, but not add them to your total.

Pretty sure this is a bug in City Watch. Happened to me multiple times.

my characters are not leveling up after the update 1.15. It keeps resetting

I bought 2 deals (update celebration deal and 1 other deal) with real money and 1 stamina deal with diamonds… but it didnt add up to my stamina at all
Its just zero. Nothin at all
No one from the support reply. Ive been waiting for 8 hours @Polaris

Has anyone reported an issue with the skills slider? I think this was in place before the update and hasn’t been fixed. Basically, when you apply more than one skill level at a time it takes more gold than it says it’s going to and only gives the amount of skills it says. For example, I started with 4.7 million gold. I went to do 141 & 142 levels on a few skills for Scrooge which should have only been 550k per skill (250k+ per level). I did 3 of the 4 skills (total of 6 skill levels) which should have used about 1.5 million coins but somehow it’s used nearly 4.1 million. Where did the other 2.5 million go?

Best I can tell, skill cost increases with every level, so 250k/level wouldn’t be entirely correct.

What I don’t know though, is if it’s any different in the Red rank range, as well as if any Red skills behave that way.

Same here, invincibility in invasion is broken

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Do you test before release?
On the other hand, bugs increase with every release and become inconvenient.

The War Results screen doesn’t show the extra attacks spent, as it does while the war is in progress

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