1.8 Known Issues


We’re looking into what happened.


I’ve also got some coli display issues. I’m on an Android tablet.


@Mufasa33 Please send in a ticket with the screenshot. We’ll need to collect your device data for the devs to look into it.


Hi, Polaris. I appreciate all of the updates that your team just made. However, I find that sending the result of sparring battle on global/guild/vip chat is a bit spamming and annoying. This is only my feedback for the latest update. The rest of it is nicely done, especially the heist.



Is the Queen of Hearts not supposed to get a boost to skill power when stars are added? I’ve never seen that on a hero before.


Which star level were you moving to where you noticed this?


My score in the Weekly Challenges was also reset to zero after the update in my account in server5 (score below is from today).


@Polaris From 2 to 3 stars


Thank you - that is a bug.


So do we get dash or not for spending money?


Thank you for mentioning the Gaston memory thing. I’m in server 1 and I think I have the same issue. No Gaston memories, blue mod fragments instead. I might not have noticed for a while if you hadn’t said something, so thank you!


It was me :joy: but thanks anyway :wink::wink::wink:bug is happening to all peopel!


@CodeDizzle_II There was a configuration error with that event, so it wasn’t being awarded correctly. We’ve sent out the items for that deal to everyone who qualified. Sorry about that!


Lol! Same icon! I got confused! Thanks again!:smile:


I’m on Server 8 and have not received anything. I have quite a few challenges completed and my weekly progress was also reset by the update. Are the fixes going out at different times for different servers or do I need to submit a ticket?


Same thing happened. Challenge progress reset to 0 and no retroactive rewards. Waiting for them to fix it.


@nani Please send in a support ticket about this. I sent out all the reward this morning, so you should have them on all servers where you’d already collected challenge rewards.


Polaris please help, 1.8.2 locked me out of my account. Cant get in, update content failed it said. Plz


1.8.A not 1.8.2, sorry


@Polaris did you say that we should already have the rewards for previously finished challenges?? Because I don’t have anything yet. Should I send in a support ticket for this?