1.8 Known Issues


Here is a list of known issues from the 1.8 Update:

  • Display issues in chat when someone posts spar results.
  • The Thief doesn’t always disappear when defeated in battle.

These issues were fixed with the 1.8.2 update on April 1:

  • Guild War pinned messages are disappearing.

These issues were fixed with the 1.8.A update on March 7:

  • Some players lost progress in the Weekly Challenges.
  • Some players are reporting mod fragments appearing outside of server 1.
  • Queen of Hearts doesn’t gain Skill Power when evolving.

Fixed with a server restart on March 14:

  • “Pick a Winner” not awarding to players who’ve completed the Pick 'Em book.
Glitch weekly challenege
Missing challenge credit
Thief lose animation bug
The Thief doesnt get knocked out when she is at 0 HP
Warchat bugged?

All I have 2 say is dat, thank u for fixing the bug where Hiro on his own zooms out way 2 much when u pick characters.

But right now, I haven’t seen any bugs yet. Gonna see if there is some.


I don’t know if this is a bug, but in server 8, if you scroll all the way to the left, there is a big bit of land that is unused.

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I don’t think dats a bug. Maybe it’s intentional. :man_shrugging:

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Nope, not a bug. We’re showing off more of the beautiful city :smiley:


Coli display is a bit borked? I don’t remember it looking all jumbled before

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My memories for gaston disk “though training” disappeared from inventory (disk was 3stars and 81/95) and now in my inventory i have 81 strange blu items called “blue mod fragments”. I already sent pic to support hope they will fix soon and gibe me back my 81 memories cause i was really closeto the 4th star on that disk. Oh and i am on server6 so these mod fragments are totally useless for now :joy:

@polaris can you please pass this to the dev to investigate? Hope the in-game support will answer me soon and solve the the problem… in the mean time i completed another 20h mission and now myisk os 3 stars 3/95 while it shuold be 84/95…


Oh. I just didn’t see any reason to have that.


Doubled token rewards for individual challenges

Not getting already finished challenges’ rewards (the 50% missing part)


Just wanna congratulate you! I played a medium heist today (public) and I hosted and it wad so relaxing I think I might do another one tomorrow!

No pressure of thiefs getting to the diamonds before the heroes and also got to kick an afk…is it weird that I found that satisfying??

Anyway about costumes… I was hoping Stitch would be Elvis but ok then rex was just Wow! A lot to take in. And to be honest Merida’s was kinda disappointing…

But all in all a great update! :+1:


Chat general cortado (?)


Is the hat in Rex’s costume a badge? I feel like I’ve seen it before, but not in my avatar. That is just a party hat.


I know the bug in the challenges has been fixed. But the scores were reset to zero. I already had 1 pt each for both challenges last night before the update. Will these be returned?


Yeah, I definitely did not get these either, and it was stated that it was retroactive.


+1 for not getting the retroactive rewards, and also for the weekly being reset to 0


Just wondering… I have an account on server 3 and one on server 9, I seem to have a catch up challenge on 3 but not on 9. Is there a catch up challenge for server 9 or no?


Messages are self deleting from War Chat and from the guild wall


Guild mate saw this during a heist. We only had 4 players on Super Hard and 1 player showed up twice.

Edit: Concerned it might prevent a 5th member from joining


Retroactive challenge rewards are being processed. We had an error with the query that we needed to double check this morning.


So i am the only one with that crazy problem on memories for gaston disk?

Edit: some guys in my guild have same problem, all spare memories for gaston disk “though training” disappear and now have “blue mod fragments” in inventory… and server6 dont have mod yet so,.,