1.8 Known Issues


I too have not received anything whatsoever.


Hey @Polaris, was there any sort of revision done to opponent placement in War?

Our guild’s (currently in bronze) next opponent happens to be a guild from a higher bracket (in silver).

This doesnt make sense to me, as i thought all these while before 1.8, we were given opponents who have a close mmr score with us, and in the same bracket.

Hope you can enlighten us on this matter. Appreciate it.


The same happened with our guild. I have submitted a support ticket, I’d recommend you do the same!


I’m looking into why not everyone received the Challenge comp.

The change in the war matchmaking is not a bug. We made some changes to the MMR to improve matchmaking, increasing the number of guilds available to be matched.


Is the Mad Hatter supposed to have 66 armor at P3? That is very low, compared to Alice at P0 at 630.


Server 3 didn’t get challenge rewards for the increase in challenge tokens like other servers did.


Neither us on server6. Didnt find anything. But i found a compensation for server downtiem (2 stamina refill and 2 diamond crates) 2 hours ago,… but not all people got that… is this normal?


We’ve identified the issue with the Challenge Token mail and we’re going to fix that today.

The Stamina compensation was sent to players who updated their app before the servers were updated, and were locked out of the game for an extended amount of time. It was about 5 hours that we were waiting, which is much longer than usual.


The new War Chat is deleting ALL posts, not just Pinned posts.


There’s a bug in the invasion with the reinforced hero, when you look at the power up, it show’s additionnal skill level for the reinforced hero and additionnal level, well the additionnal skill level doesn’t work, my mickey was shown +215 skill level and he couldn’t buff hero who were shown with only like 50 lvl increases, pretty much the same amount as the hero lvl


66? :joy::joy::joy: wow that is low


I noticed that a lot of badges are providing wrong informes about who needs them. Hm for example see the screenshots. Looking at House O’ Lantern it’s says quorra needs it, but the only badge my quorra is needing now is the diablo piedra. Something like this is happening with a lot of badges. Server 10.


Jack Jack is glitched when Genie transforms him! image|690x387


This is not a glitch. This was a new feature added so that you could more easily plan ahead for the next color…


@Polaris The Spend Arena and Coli coins supposed to finish in the next 8hrs or so but now the challenges have changed to the new one which only has less than 24hr to complete. I haven’t completed the spend the Coli coins which I supposed to finish just now after the coli coins rewards for today, but I spent the coins to just found out that the challenges have been updated. Please help.
I am in Server 11


The problem is on all servers i believe.


Thread that was made for the continued challenge errors.


The problem with the weekly challenges switching early was fixed with the server restart today. Still looking into the “Pick a Winner” not awarding to players who’ve completed the Pick 'Em book.


I wanted 2 pointed dis out, but forgotten it later. But now I remember.

So in heist, when there is a ambush or theif battle, the speed is a bit quick & there is no button 2 stop it.

Was dis intentional or a bug?


We increased battle speed in the Heist with 1.8:
All Heist battles now run 50% faster!