103 Dalmatians concept

Stars 1
Role damage
(Before the following I will like to introduce a new debuff. Wrath! For each stack of Wrath! on an enemy (or ally) they gain +50% basic damage but are more likely to target their teammates with negative effects and damage, and their enemies for positive effects and healing. It is like confusion from Pokémon in a dado (From scp) way.)

Blue team.
a lot of angry barking
Pongo, Perdita, their 15 children and 86 adoptive children are ready with their new debuff. Wrath!

Entrance: Pongo and Perdita enter the battlefield. In walk way. There are also A few small eyes visible in the background in dark dog silhouettes.
Victory: They bark happpily. A lot of small puppy silhouettes are also visible in the background watching the fight because it is every one of those puppies. They then reveal to be the cute dogs and they bark in happy language.
Defeat: They whimper like Bolt.
Basic attack: Pongo Barks at the enemy.

WHITE SKILL, ankle biters.

Passive: Wh.ile Pongo bites he has an additional 10% chance to critical hit. Each time he critical hits, Perdita has a 50% chance to Growl, Stealing 100 energy from the enemy with the most energy. Then 103 Dalmatians gain 1 stack of Wrath! For 10 seconds and 103 Dalmatians are unaffected by The negative effects of Wrath.

Active: Lucky and Patches run up to 2 different enemies, biting their ankles, dealing x% Of 103 Dalmatian’s basic damage constantly. Lucky deals normal damage while Patches deals fantastic damage. They also deal damage 75% faster for each stack of Wrath on 103 Dalmatians. Using the active ability again instwad summons another miscellaneous puppy to deal damage to target enemy which deals x% normal damage.

Green skill. Mama, I’m hungry!

Rolly asks his mom to food with puppy dog eyes. Charming the 2 nearest enemies to 103 dalmations. Then each ally gains a shield equal to 33% of their max hp, this unique shield has X additional armor and X additional reality.

This charm has a chance to fail against enemies above Level X.

Blue skill. Yapping,

Every 5 seconds there is about a 66% chance that all the dalmations puppies in the background will Bark a lot, annoying the enemies. Causing each enemy to gain 2-5 stacks of wrath for 6 seconds. Also each enemy cannot be healed while wrath is active on them.

The Wrath has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Purple Skill, piped up!

103 dalmations have an additional 20% attack speed per Stack of wrath on them. Caps at +100% attack speed.

Whenever an enemy dies, Pongo smokes from Roger’s pipe, healing the dalmations by x hp.

Red skill: That’s a lot of puppies. Instead of Wrath lasting on 103 Dalmatians for 10 seconds, they instead last for the whole wave.

Yapping! Also deals X true damage to any shields enemies have, excess damage this way is converted into healing for the whole team.

Mama, I’m hungry! Also slows non charmed enemies by 150% for 5 seconds.

+X max hp
+X normal crit
+X Skill power
+X Armor.

Friendship disks.

Mokey concept

Pongo and Perdita decide to visit Mickey but they accidentally visit Mokey. Who decides to look after the puppies.

Disc name: Doggone keys: ankle biters critical hitting now has a 25% chance to trigger Missy’s growling and wrath. Also +X basic damage.

Friendship with Wall-e

A robot, a boot, and 103 dalmations walk into a bar, and order Too much Kerosene.

Disc name: Bär code: 103 Dalmations deal X additional fantastic damage with their basic attack.

I would Suggest reading This guide

I have seen you on the forums a lot and you have been spamming concepts with little no effort. I hope this helps!

I still love your creativity

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I have been taking time off to reflect between each concept, like the time between episodes of indie animation. I hope this new style of concepts improves likeabilty

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