Mokey concept


“Oh boy oh boy”

3 stars

Frontline damage
Trial team yellow

You can get mokey by doing his special very hard daily quests like one must get you to beat city watch expert with no defeats for 50 pieces every other quest gives you 4+ pieces of mokey

Entrance mokey walks with no animation

Victory mokey does a thumbs up

Defeat mokey’s eyes are now bruised

Basic attack mokey slaps an enemy

White skill Krimah

Passive mokey gains 5% attack speed and 1 stack of randomness whenever he crits Mokey has 60% crit chance: Active mokey puts his Krimah hat on increasing his attack speed by 10% per stack of randomness mokey also gains x basic damage for 10 seconds the attack speed has no limits.

Green skill Scenarios of adventure: Mokey has a 2% chance to do these attacks per stack of randomness

Mokey gets a big gun and shoots a big bullet dealing x fantastic damage

Mokey throws a dumbbell dealing x fantastic damage and granting mokey 50% attack speed

Mokey calculates something smort with his beeg brain slowing all enemies movement and attack speed by 50%

The attack speed lower has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Blue skill dimension watch

Mokey uses the magic watch that Santa gives him summoning 4 dimensional replicas that has 60% of mokey’s stats also granting mokey x armor

Purple skill Krimah spirit : While Krimah is active all dimensional replicas stun enemies for 3 seconds when they hit them.

The stun has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Red skill beeg slaps:

Mokey’s basic attack hits all enemies when he crits

Mokey has + 5% armor and 5% reality per stack of randomness

Dimensional watch instead summon 8 replicas

If mokey is under 50% hp he gains + 250% attack speed and x basic damage

Mokey has no limits for attack speed.

Classification beeg hits and beeg attack speed.

Friendship with Mickey: Mokey asks Mickey how he was doing since the final battle to save krimah from the evil krampus. And he shows Mickey the mokey way.

Disk dimensional cloneness the dimensional replicas heal mokey for 50% of the damage they deal

Friendship with anger: Mokey slaps anger then does krimah stuff so anger tries to burn it.

Friendship disk Krimah help: while Krimah is active mokey’s allies heal for 5% of their max hp.

Hey @Loutre can you make this reality or can you make max Mercer from home sweet home alone

Mokey is not Disney :man_facepalming:


It says that you can make any concept even if not Disney but mokey is a Mickey spin off so it is Disney enough for me

That’s not Disney enough. It’s a parody


It says that you can make concepts even if it is not Disney also I thought of this for months I will now make a new sir pelo themed collection no spooky month only mokey show stuff

But it doesn’t mean it can be implemented into the game


I know That it is fun please do not be like @Mister_Turkey the one who says that I spam and that my creativity is bad

He kept saying that for a good reason. You did have an issue with spamming concepts CONSTANTLY last time around…


I post 2 concepts on a daily basis that is it

That’s to much, it should be at least one or two per week, not two in the same day,


Oh Lordy :sweat_smile:

Well this is because you guys are giving him what he wants, attention to his spam. It’s best to flag and move on and allow staff to handle it.

All of these replies etc. are just provoking the situation.

I promise, no more attention and the spam magically just stops :clinking_glasses:


I can see your comment

You do not like my concepts? Yeah You say yes

I mean who likes mokey

I do mr meh


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