13 Concurrent Friendship Missions


Does anyone have a list of the 2 hour friendship missions that allow for 13 missions to be done at the same time, this is for the latest update for server 7?


2 hour friendship missions are the only ones that only use 2 heroes if you are looking to maximize your friendship missions it will just be a combination of all your 2 hour friendship missions. The most efficient combinations of those will vary between players depending upon n which heroes they have unlocked and high enough to actually do missions. I would recommend looking for your most efficient combination by just going through your heroes and figuring out how to maximize your 2 hour missions.


This is for cap 60:

  • Judy / Felix
    Calhoun / Violet
    Vanellope / Dash
    Yax / Frozone
    Jack Jack/ Bogo
    Mr Incredible / Elastigirl
    Finnick / Nick Wilde

Cap 75:

  • Woody / Buzz
    Zurg / Rex
    Ralph / Jack Sparrow

Don’t know if more are possible right now


Well theoretically you know the ceiling for missions is whatever you total heroes are divided by 2. So on your server the theoretical maximum (unless barred by level requirements) is total available heroes divided by 2.

There are currently 32 available heroes on my server which would me a maximum potential of 16 active friend missions.



There may be more @ the lv75 cap since I made this list for the contest, but here you go: 08-17-2018 Contest Feedback


One other thing to consider is the items cost. Every mssion you do costs some items or badges but these two friends missions consume them like snaps that! Woo keep trying to replenish the items you need! :slight_smile:


Merida - Violette is missing
Level 85 cap both


Not everyone has level cap 85 yet


I am just stating the possibilities…