2.0 Known Issues

Here are some issues we’re investigating after the 2.0 update:

  • Robot Dino NPCs don’t leave combat when they’re KOd.
  • There are a few issues with Mulan’s rocket:
    • It can sometimes not hit the enemies
    • It can damage enemies that haven’t entered combat yet
    • It causes her to link with Megara on auto, even when Mulan isn’t in the front

These issues are now resolved:

  • Friend Stamina cannot be purchased with Diamonds
  • Gold from Creep Surge is not being awarded to players if they use Quick Fight or Battle. Only raiding is granting this reward at the moment.
  • Guild War battles are not being recorded correctly, so it’s possible for heroes to return as undefeated after a battle.
  • Progress is not possible on some challenges

Not sure if it is a bug, but Peter Pan nor Jessie seem to be able to steal the “Berserk” buff from Beast. I thought it was possible, since it now acts like any other buff? Is it supposed to be working like this?

Since the update in guild war whenever we or another guild attacks and doesn’t sweep a line even if heroes are wiped during the fight the entire line is reviving and only happening since the update.


I am nosure I this always happened but is there supposed to be the main menu music during a coliseum match?

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In Anger’s red skill description, there’s a “+ (number) to Berserk”. What does that mean?

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That’s just Anger’s purple skill

This appears to be related to the Creep Surge issue. We’re looking into it.

This is not a bug. We changed Berserk to be a general combat status, not specific to Beast, so it will act like other buffs now.

Other buffs can be stolen. Why not this one?

Sorry, I didn’t read your original report correctly. I will take a look at this.


Re-run doesn’t work after finishing a battle.

I finished a battle in campaign and Pressed re run it did nothing and went back to the screen were you can fight or raid

Only seems bugged in campaign fights tried spar fights and it works

Are blue mecha raptor supposed to be friendly in invasion now? I’ve had a couple of fights where I’ve won with them on my side. Sorry the screenshot isn’t a win moment but it’s the best pic I’ve been able to take.

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Mecha raptor also staying on screen after defeated. Makes it look like it is still alive but doesn’t attack


good catch, I would never notice since I muted game music so long ago

Yeah, that seems to be what’s happening. Here’s a victory screenshot.


Oh, also @Polaris, I found a bug a few updates ago, but always forgot to report it.
In the 1.17 Patch Notes, it says that heroes who can dodge were gonna be able to dodge disables. Now, except for Jessie, whose skill says she can dodge disables, no other dodger ever dodged one. Using both Hiro and Pan, this was VERY frustrating


Is there any update to the when the guild war bug will be fixed? We were waiting to attack until it got fixed, but didn’t think it would take this long.

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Not sure if others experience this bug but after i updated the game, I could not purchase friend stamina for the day. (Yes, it was after the daily chance reset)

@Polaris any updates on this?

Spars are no longer showing damage dealt and damage taken is this a bug perblue

I found the similar issue.

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We do not receive daily guild gift from perks. The time at perks just reset n start countdown again but nothing received.

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