2.5 Known Issues

Here are some known issues following the 2.5 update:

  • Invasion Auto Quick Fight results are not complete. The Hero XP section of the Rewards screen is only showing what happened in the last Victory of the Auto Quick Fight. The Defeat screen is only showing the result of the Defeat. This can lead to some confusion where a Hero might show as alive on one screen and then KO’d on the next. We are working to make this results information more complete and less confusing.
    *Currently investigating this issue with Invasion:
    • Getting stuck on the fighting screen when using Auto Quick Fight

These issues are resolved:

  • Opponents in the newest chapter being 1 star
  • Breaker opponents being much more powerful after the update
  • An error with Invasion Breaker Quick Fight
  • On servers 23 and 24 there can be an error when trying to start a new City Watch. “Matchmaking failed”

Well CW is busted I think

These heroes were dead last CW

Is 65 the definitive amount of Skill Chips per drop? If so, terrible.

Wait actually I did my first fight and now they are alive again… lol

“New VIP Perks to skip spending skill points for low level skills.Starting at VIP5, upgrading skills will not require skill points for non-red skills below level 30This scales up every 2 VIP levels by 5, so at VIP7 upgrading skills below level 35, etc.”

Not working. Skill points are still being used.

Which hero specifically?

What’s this? Can’t advance. Stuck on 86 in invasion Breaker Quest.


I tried on several heroes who’s skills I never leveled up, so those skills are still at lvl1.

All heroes i tried. atm

“The limits to buying Stamina and Gold for diamonds have been removed.”

Limit still exists. And VIP Perks detailed do not reflect new changes.

I have trouble with tapping stuff. It’s as I’m selecting different things than intended… Anyone else?

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The VIP perk for not spending skill points doesn’t seem to be working. I’ll check it out some more but I levelled Jim and it cost me skill point refreshes

Is that the end of scaling, @Polaris? Or is it still looked upon? Because we got 35 per slot at R3/R4. Now we need 6.5x more to max at R16.
Also, did S22 get 65 per slot as well?

Opponents’ power level is way too high in Breaker Quests.



Where is the Jim friendship @Polaris?


Seconding that. Out of nowhere 240M power.


Friendship showed fine for me. Maybe try reinstalling the game

Opponents power in Breaker quest suddenly increased by 3-4x after the update.

This need quick fix or at least plenty of free power-up, otherwise most players won’t be able to get any more breakers


I believe the power-ups on enemies got wild. If I am not mistaken, enemies go up by like 3 levels up until 60th breaker or so. Gaining 3 power-ups per breaker then.
But 185th breaker now has 897 power-ups. 185 x 3 is less than 897. And 125 x 3 even much less.

THERE is the problem @Polaris

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