3.5.11 Known Issues Thread

Here’s a list of known issues after the 3.5.11 update:

  • Auto invasion battles or quick fight battles in various game modes using Chip and Dale can populate “An error has occurred.” We are currently investigating the issue.
  • Sisu’s Green Skill incorrectly states Fantastic Damage. This skill only does Normal Damage.

Ahem, was this really necessary? :thinking: I have noticed it but there are far worse things in the game left untouched.


Necessary for me. I’ve been trying to use them in invasion and I get the error message and all my heroes are not knocked as a result. Thus costing me revives unnecessarily.

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don’t use them?

they are not even designed for invasion.


Well I’ve stopped using them now obviously but I didn’t know it was them causing the issue at the time.

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Thanks for figuring out soon. On creep surge, I use normal fight while using chip and dale according to a quick fight error/bug

The text says Normal Damage but the icon says Fantastic Damage :thinking:


Sisu spotlight…?

Airpods make music glitch out stil…

Got my answer…

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Is the basic damage steal stat for sishu’s tail whip correct? The stat I read in the database Seems so if Insignificant that I’m not sure that part of the skill has any value. (6424 basic damage for R18 with no badges loaded and skills at level 225).


And no, it’s not correct, yet.

@Elliot ?

The music is awesome. I want to listen to it via my AirPods, but it just doesn’t work anymore. It glitches, then it cuts out.

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Super-old bug associated with needing more than rounded power to the nearest 100 in Guild Surge for raiding.

“My Power” can be 36,870,299
“Enemy” can be 36,870,261

but for raiding 36,870,300 and above is needed

all is displayed as 36.87M power though


I’m not sure what’s wrong but my Zeus-Hades friendship won’t finish because it says it’s at its max stars but I’m still a few bits short to upgrade to 5 stars. The campaign is finished and the memory doesn’t appear in the shop anymore either. Seems like a bug

Claim rewards?

Sorry I’m dumb haha I thought I clicked it but I guess I didn’t

So… @Loutre where the badge crates?

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