3.6 Known Issues

Here’s a list of known issues after the 3.6 update:

  • Sisu’s Green Skill incorrectly states Fantastic Damage. This skill only does Normal Damage. This will be fixed in the 3.6.10 patch as it took more dev time than expected.

To be exact: The text describing her skill states Normal Damage, but the skill itself is marked as Fantastic Damage, and indeed it currently does deal Fantastic Damage. Which is an issue with her friendship campaign with Mushu, as there’s a Fantastic-immune skeleton early in the first chapter that’s very hard to beat without a high-level Mushu and the knowledge of how to interrupt his green skill with his white skill to force a basic attack from him.


Flik is a giant… apparently.

Or Toy Story v2?


he is way too big, even his disk says ‘‘tiny but mighty’’ so it really doesn’t make sense, he should be in Gadget’s size (or little smaller).

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Flik is huge and Anna is way too small compared to other humans.

Flik is sized correctly. It is Toy Story sizing logic there.



The game is pretty mish-mash with sizes then.


I can’t update the game. Google play won’t allow update.

Please clear cache for the Google Play app and it should show up after that.


I agree with Numi, Flik is just too big.


For Anna’s scaling she is a bit shorter than Elsa and seems fine. Her sizing is not final final yet though and may end up having adjustments.


Flik’s Bolt friendship camp is missing an ally… so I guess it’s Hopper (if even), will it be changed or?

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Invasion shop still feels laggy on one of my accounts. Specifically slow to respond to tapping on items. (Which it did before the patch as well). The delay does feel like it is shorter however

Interesting note: The account where the shop feels pokey is in a guild with the reduced shop price perk for Invasion shop.
My other account is in a guild that does not have that perk, and shop feels fine

Can you send a message to ingame support and they can look further into your account?

I can confirm lag even on an account in a guild without a perk.

That is if you (Loutre) were responding to that.


Yea, I have the lag too when I buy something not extreme though…

More of a stutter-lag. As if the game was confused.

Thank you! I’ve let the team know to relook into it as that was supposed to be fixed.

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Ticketed as requested anyway in case there might be useful account specific information.

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