3.6 Known Issues

I thought that the sword would be more so a melee attack than a ranged attack @Loutre :thinking:

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Also unnoticed but happening:

When raiding the Epic CW, the main menu music stops playing. Restarting the game OR raiding another Epic CW (if you have resets or more accounts) fixes that.

It´s just weird that it stops to begin with.

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My game only loads to 55%

Just to add to this for some visibility:

Support flagged my account to redownload the game files, and that looks to be making zero difference to the shop issue.

Our devs are looking into the issue! I’ll let support know to not suggest that again.


shouldn’t be there any info on the events page about the upcoming Anna prize wall by now?

it starts tomorrow as planned?

AirPods still don’t work….

Should be up soon.

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I just noticed that Hopper wasn’t in the patch notes. And looking at Flik’s friendship with Bolt, he was supposed to be included. Does that need a hot fix?

Tapping the “Anna’s Prize Wall!” header under the events list freezes my game and I have to close the game and come back in. Tapping on the prize wall itself causes no issues.

Nope. Hopper is not ready yet and why he was not in the patch notes or in the game.

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How do you bring back the full stories for VIP levels 13-20? Skipping four stages every episode with the first episode skipped? Well, that’s too fast for us, and really not cherishing.

Will Hopper be ready by this weekend, or the next weekend? He was supposed to be in the 3.6.01 patch notes, or the 3.6.10 patch notes.

He will be in when he’s ready, but it’ll be in another update not any fix. There will be actual patch notes with him in when he’s ready.


Looks like Hopper should be in the next update on January 28th, so I’m guessing no patch notes for this week and next week.

So looks like there’s no range specified for that skill, but have the devs looking into if they want to make a change to it.


I believe this is part of an ongoing bug with Bluetooth devices

Text says nearby enemies, and even in animation it just hits air, not enemies.

Hopefully that will be fixed.

Yes, but we still like to have internal discussions when changes like this are going to be made.

She will be fixed so it is melee.

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