3.8 Known Issues

Here’s a list of known issues after the 3.8 update:

  • Prize Wall changes did not go through so will be on the next Prize Wall
  • Bug with Namaari’s skill 2 that we are working on a hot fix for
  • Invasion Shop has a lag
  • Premium stamina expiring (device pop up) notification may appear even when no premium stamina is owned

Fixed Issues:

  • Kim Possible’s skill and hero text not formatted correctly or missing
  • Item Names placed back as the title and no longer show up in the description for Non-English languages

Kim Possible is fully broken.

Her name has an underscore: Kim_Possible, her quote is labeled as “KIM_POSSIBLE_QUOTE”, her skills are labeled as “WHITE”, “GREEN”, “BLUE”, “PURPLE”, “RED”.

Pls fix.


Please tell it’s just like with Shank and Kim Possible will get stat refresh, that definitely would
be great.
Just in time for anniversary!


Oh, and, time to change forum icon.


Already gotten this twice within 5 minutes of updating the game.


@Elliot, I know you’re subbing for @Loutre. I don’t see the friendship campaigns for the Horned King. Where are the allies?

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I think the forum icon also needs Fear’s Red Skill Bug as well as it was explained in the 3.7 Known Issues Topic.

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I have all push notifications turned off in game and I’m still getting the premium stamina notification constantly, even right after I clear it. I do not even have premium stamina.

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It’s being worked on.


Yes I am already aware.

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Wait, then why’d you mention it if you knew that it’s already being looked into?


Rewards from trials lag too

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Not really. Peter Pan had the same issue a few updates ago and he still hasn’t gotten any refresh so I doubt Kim will get one. Especially considering she got one in the past already (Yes, I know heroes could get more than 1 refresh)

Only time will tell. Let’s wait

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Values only were missing, not everything.

And we know how that one ended. :frowning:

She fixed. She here. She is she.

Her Joy disk has a bit different wording now, huh.

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Chapter 36, both normal and elite, are empty.

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Please include words as to what the issue is and not just a picture and question mark.


I think Musketeer don’t have the problem Dwayne_IV has, so Musketeer posting like that to try and prompt Dwayne_IV to post a screenshot of what they mean issue wise.

Also hi Loutre and welcome back on :-).


@Loutre Is the Wish Crate a bug again in which it was accidentally released again… like how it was in November? If not then why is there nothing saying the changes y’all made? (if there is any)

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Seems like no, intended.

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