4.0 Known Issues

Pacha never gets healed by any source.

I too wanted to see Snowy’s ingame preview, to discover which of her Friendship discs is the superion one.
Hoping it’s the Ariel disc, because she’s Y0 304.

I had updated the game, but Snow White isn’t there. I know she would appear until the 19th, but can you at least let her appear on the menu of heroes, please?

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False! Don’t see her anywhere in the game.


She hasn’t been officially announced but yea it can be misleading.

But she’s definitely been revealed here that she certainly will be in the game, I was expecting to see her in this update, so I’m a bit confused right now on what’s going on.


We already know that

Sorry I thought you were referring to daffy :smiley:

She won’t actually be available in the game until the next full Prize Wall starts on May 19th. Presumably her spotlight will be run sometime next week, assuming her stats are finalized in time. Why she isn’t in the hero list yet I don’t know, but there’s not much more we could learn there than we already know from the patch notes, and it’s not like we can actually use that knowledge before the 19th anyway.

Would everyone be happier if PerBlue just didn’t announce heroes until their spotlight, at least, was ready? Would you prefer it if this 4.0 update didn’t mention Snow White at all, and then they announced her whenever they added her to the hero list in the game?


Me when I realize Snow White’s not actually in the game…

Fair enough, I was just concerned because Snow White was already under the Game’s update details in the App Store and I was wondering why she still wasn’t anywhere to be seen after I updated the game.

_DELTA :eyes:

There were many heroes appeared unlocked before their stat got finalized :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: why can’t Snow White be like them?

I am so curious what her discs are… And how she acts in game…

To summarize this update:

  1. We have a hero who we can’t see…yet

  2. We have an updated version of game feature which we can’t access or see…yet

All that hype was literally for nothing :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


As usual, Snow White is not finalized so has not been pushed to the live version yet.


Any idea when Snow White will be in game @loutre?

Isn’t it a finally time to change forum icon for a new one?


Yup! Once I have them in the correct size!


Great news! :relaxed:


And I meant really never. Joy can’t heal him or Bagheera, same about his skills.

Yes, I did see this. I do read all comments. I just do not always have time to respond to all of them.

it would be handy if you could pop the verified issues from here (and tickets/internal i guess) in the original post so we know what’s valid and on the list :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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