4.2 Known Issues

Here’s a list of known issues after the 4.2 update:

  • Agent P damaging his allies

Fixed Issues:

Hey, where’s Perry?

I’m being serious, he didn’t show up.


And before excuse of “his stats are not finalised”

So were Aurora, Audrey, Gothel, and more lately and yet they appeared normally, with 1’s in their skills but at least players were able to see them, and Perry is completely not here, why?


I haven’t seen him either :sob::sob::sob::cry:

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Perry’s stats aren’t set to 1’s which is why he is not visible. The plan for Perry is to have him visible when his stats are final.


Why’s that?
Eveyone else was released like that without issues

So next week in the same time when his prize wall starts…?

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He’ll be visible next Tuesday


Kim’s Monitored and Frozone’s Frost should have their names in the effects list as these effects doesn’t appear in the filter and are unique only to them.

And yeah… Kermit’s white skill is definitely bugged, he copies already copied buffs which were on all allies, which isn’t something should happen.

@Loutre @Nugget is the Steadfast buff passive or is it supposed to be in the skill description? :thinking:

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It is intended that the unique mechanics from Frozone and Kim Possible are not in the Filters. We didn’t add those things to the filters for all the Heroes that have unique things.

We have let the team know about the Kermit potential issue and they will investigate!

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That’s not really what I meant, unique abilities have hero names next to them.

Like “Favorite (The Manticore)” or “Marked (Evil Queen)”.


Let me answer you: they don’t want people to work on him or any prize wall hero in advance :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: no matter what words they use, it can’t change this fact

ONLY prize wall heroes are like this. We are not stupid. At least be a decent grownup and admit it :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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Except, going by Musketeer’s comment, Gothel is a Prize Wall hero who was visible in the game before her stats were finalized…? :thinking:

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She appeared only 1 or 2 day before…that didn’t really make any difference…unlike 1 week before

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Because that’s how she was released, the same week as her prize wall started.
But not sure why Perry was released week earlier if nothing was ready…

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Announced and released are different. He’s not released he was just announced. He’ll be in game on Tuesday which is usual for Prize Wall Heroes.


Remember Snow White? The same thing happens again…

And once again, they nether confirm nor deny my suspect… That much should be plenty for you to understand

I’m not sure what it is?

I believe the reason prize wall heroes are not in game immediately if they are announced far from their prize wall day (like Snow White, Perry) is because you guys don’t want people to work on them sooner than intended

To be honest, I think it is fair. Just that, from a player perspective, it is sad that we can’t see a new hero whom we expected to…

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