4.3 Known Issues

Here’s a list of known issues after the 4.3 update:

Fixed Issues:


Violet white skill bugs out and doesn’t stop. Ports>Docks>Regrettable difficulty.

I think you should fix Sarah’s skills. She needs one of her skills that heals herself.

Milo is now in Guild Crate, but the change wasn’t listed in the patch notes. Does that mean he’ll be there until end of month when it changes again or will it go back to Mother Gothel soon?

Yes, that change was listed in the Update to the patch notes, but not the original patch notes, which I found odd. So I’m also wondering how long he’ll be in that crate, and whether we’ll go back to changing the Guild Crate hero at the first of every month or if they’ll be changed on some different schedule.

Because we combined two patches. The update patch notes were supposed to be that Friday’s patch notes for what would have been the regular Tuesday update.


Ah, that explains a lot, thanks. I’m still curious as to whether we’ll go back to the Guild Crate hero changing at the first of the month or if this heralds a permanent change, but I guess time will tell.

Can the update be added to the patch notes? Because when you click on “read the patch notes” in the game, it doesn’t show the “update” notes, so unless you actively browse the forum, you’d never have known there were 2 updates when the game says there’s only 1.


Since is Tuesday… when Meilin will get her spotlight (and her stats finished, if they aren’t yet?).

Her stats should be finalized by end of day today and then I assume tomorrow or Thursday will be spotlight.


Billy, not Sarah gains reflect from Drakken (Gizmo)

A little off topic but can we have skill points increased? That is a huge pain in the game

Tomorrow is going to be the Prize Wall start right?

If nothing changed so far that means she always had final stats, or there is a problem with a tool like before?

Nothing should be changed yet ingame since we’re still waiting on final balances for friendships.

Speaking of balances, have you tried to get the skipped parts of the friendship campaigns back for VIP levels 13-20?

I guess the background for chapter 49 is finalized for the future…

Again, did you ask any of those?
If you said skipped parts of dialogue… but skipped parts of friendship campaigns… no.

That wasn’t me going through the campaigns two years ago.

What is this update gonna do?

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