4.3 Known Issues

You should contact support for this issue. I heard others get this as well and it can be solved by sending in a support ticket

One can lose an Arena key if tapping on an opponent before the rank up screen comes up.

The opponent is still locked after that and the key is gone.

idk is this is an issue but the stabbington brothers do not have a victory animation.

I think this is an issue because everyone else who summons someone does.

Ex: Billy has a victory animation

@Nugget I removed a couple people on my friends list who no longer play, and now I can talk to myself.

All the summoned animals would like a word with you.

It has always confused me why Sven got one but Rajah didn’t, given their immediate summon is pretty much the same. White skill summons like Pluto and Dug make more sense to not have one (though the nicelanders appear in both Felix’s white skill summon and his victory so who knows.)

The only consistent fix I’ve ever found to get heist auto turned off for good again is to be the person that does the hideout fight and turn off auto during the hideout fight.

Disclaimer: I haven’t tried it over a year though as I avoid the heist auto button like the plague.

I agree, it’s gotten so bad that I don’t even hire mercs anymore.

Most of the mercs in my guild cost around double of the reward for beating Surge District 1. It’s not even at the point of staying even for me, if I hire a merc and beat any district, it results in a loss of gold. The only mercs I can hire that would result in a gold profit when beating a district are weaker than my own heroes, so there’s no point.

If they stayed on the battlefield I would question it…

Rajah, Djali etc. do not have a win animation.

They got one, jumping (happily).

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Maybe the Stabbingtons are just… never truly happy? :thinking:

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On the battles, when damage is dealt and numbers which showing how much damage was dealt never go above ~2.2B, it’s the same bug like with rankings and gold before.
At least I hope it’s only visual bug, but annoying as dealing that much damage become lately much easier.

Djali has one, but maybe Rajah should have one

Same issue here

The upgrade for this badge keeps consuming the donated badges without going to block 5.

Since the badges I donated are gone forever, I am quite displeased I expended them for no upgrade.
I also don’t want to risk trying to upgrade the other badges for fear of the same error repeating with them.

Ummm, yeah, as I thought as the heal is now % scaled, not anymore.

So basic damage is now useless on him, just like on Joy.

Meaning… battle badge and red skill boost needs a change.
Can be very much forgiven on the disk as the boost is still given to allies, and it’s even better this way.

Battle Badge could be changed for skill power or anything else really.
While on red skill basic damage could be replaced by evasion/tenacity and scaling like on Meilin, his biggest weakness (still) is lack of evasion so it would be nice to fix it now.

I remember something similar happen to Drakken and it was fixed very quickly, hopefully Miguel will get these changes soon. :slight_smile:


Most revive heroes aren’t reviving anymore.
Only exceptions I found are Rex, Jim and Underminer.

All others (Gaston, Angel, Hades, Sally, Olaf etc.) just die without reviving

Can’t test Mike, all others not mentioned don’t revive

Some of the numbers stay lightup when you receive stuff from rewards or in this case +5 tickets for the city watch! Screenshot_20221011-140524_Disney Heroes|690x335

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