4.3- Known Issues

Here’s a list of known issues after the 4.3.10 update:

  • Heroes that revive from 0 HP or heal are getting KO’d but remain on the screen. We are working to resolve this.
  • Joy’s Red skill is intended to prevent buffs from being removed, but they are being removed.

Just a thing bugging me, but why is Gothel not available in the Wish Crate? I haven’t seen her in any contests.

She isn’t in diamond crates so she won’t be in wish crate until then.
She never was contest exclusive.

And you and we all can thanks this to the poor and slow hero rotations :woman_shrugging:
It takes months to a hero become truly farmable. So just wait, doesn’t seem pb will ever change this.

It seems as though Joy’s Red Skill isn’t preventing ally buffs from being removed/stolen/etc. as of this last update.

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Another quite big bug.
Joy’s red skill doesn’t work, enemies now can remove buffs.

Seems to be removed by 2nd Tron’s white skill use.

There should be no way for Joy to die before 9 seconds.


Is the Mayor’s shatter debuff suppose to have a 100% chance to apply at full/max shatter capacity? All other shatter heroes have a level ceiling where the shatter skill can begin to fail and/or be lessened that scales with the hero’s skill level. All of the mayor’s debuffs have no chance of failure - they are 100% successful based on skill descriptions.

Yes, it’s entirely intentional. All hail our local elected official!

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I’m just tired of every new hero being so OP that you have to max them or be left behind. I’ve only been playing the game a couple months, but I’m already exhausted of playing catch up every time a new character is released.


That’s actually what people wanted, especially on red skills. Maxing them were to expensive to make them work at all.

Then why not remove that from all of the other heroes, too?

Miguel has two bugs

  • Blue skill doesn’t slow attack speed, only movement
  • Red skill’s HP buff is still level capped in practice

Yes, but now that is going to break Invasion again and have the same issue as Shego where she can defeat any level bot

I know it is only when he is above 50% health
But Meg, Joy, etc should be able to keep his health full long enough to apply the Shatter

Getting the popcorn :popcorn:

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Between this and the revive bug, it’s almost like PerBlue is trying to subvert stall teams in arena and coliseum. o.O

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How long does it take to resolve this issue? Are you going to fix the issue once it is resolved?

When the mayor plays his green skill, his animation freezes and cannot play his idle animation.

Well, we grow impatient about this.

Miguel doesn’t seem to be applying Sharp notes to non-damage heroes, regardless of thier skill power.
(On a different but not unrelated note, he also seems to be unable to recongnise complete stacks. He’ll attempt to apply healing notes to heroes who already have 3 of them if they’re of lower HP% than a hero who only has 2. I’m going to assume this also applies to the Sharp notes, but I’ve been unable to properly test this.)

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This is a good thing tbh, he keeps gaining energy instead of staying still like before

So, has Miguel become strong or useful at least? :thinking::thinking::thinking: His skills seem nice and as of now, he is the only one with 4 passive stat bonus from red skill. He is surely favoured by the dev…

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