4.3- Known Issues

Is there any mistake here? Even after completing the Nightmare before Christmas collection, we only get 296 token, while it takes 300 to buy the collection avatar? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

How on earth can we unlock that one???

And 1 more thing, right now the mayor’s blue skill has no lv requirement. Is it gonna stay that way or will be changed like Shego’s in the past?

Pls confirm
@Elliot @loutre @Nugget

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Am I the only one who has a bug with no acting characters after they revived? In my situation, Angel revives first time and then just staying. I even cannot use white skill by myself.




They are still dying in 4 seconds so how it is fixed?

Definitely nothing is fixed…

All reflect, notes and other buffs were removed immediately.


I guess we will need to wait until we can eventually 6* Audrey :roll_eyes:

Sadly none of these bugs with Miguel, Mayor and random other heroes are surprising - the only surprise will be if any of them, other than the revive bug actually ever get fixed.


Invasion powerups seem to be not working in fights/ending too early. For example the invincibility powerup only last the first 5 seconds of a battle. I’ll come back with screenshots if I figure out how to get them on my phone.


@Nugget In light of the video posted here, will Joy’s red skill be looked at again? Or should we just plan on it not always lasting 7 seconds of battle?

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It seems to not work at all. I have used all the boost on one level and my Oogie Boogie got insta-killed by Ducky&Bunny’s white skill immediately which shouldn’t be possible because of invincibility and hex boost

There is something weird going on with start-of-battle timing; in addition to several comments already made in this thread that are apparently related, I just had a fight where the enemy Quackerjack’s Terror Teddy appeared on the screen while my team was still walking on, while Quackerjack himself didn’t appear until 2 or 3 seconds into the battle.

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No es el único error con quackerjack también otro error que hay es que no llama al osito del terror al comienza de la batalla ese es otro error que debe ser arreglado

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This is not an update, but one continuous bug. a huge number of heroes do not work spells. need a backup of the last build

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The entire game lags horribly.

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In the first screenshot, Fozzie is supposed to revive but after he was KO’ed, he remained KO’ed without activating the skill.

Second, Pooh seems a lot smaller…

If you scroll to the very top of this topic, you will see that it is already a known issue:


Yes, this was announced in the Patch Notes that the characters will be scaled:


I don’t want to be rude, but maybe check the other topics first before posting stuff that is already posted


Powerups for the Scare Invasion aren’t being applied to The Mayor.

It doesn’t really matter since he has 100% chance of success on all skills regardless of power levels (a level 1, white rank, 1 star Mayor can debuff\shatter a level 1000 Mama Bot with no chance of failure). However, he has “scare” skill so based on the “Scare Invasion” rules, he should get the same power ups as other “scare” skilled heroes.

He needs blue skill…
So neither level 1.

Hate to tell you I told you so…

Guess we will see this in tomorrow’s patch notes:

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EVE doesn’t use her blue skill at the start (with unlocked red skill)!

It’s not.
Is this going to be edited?

Why is there an other update for the game in CH play without any announcement?


Honestly, if this is the level of back handed things we can expect going forward, to quote Numi

I bet it is a fix for the Shatter that someone should have picked up weeks before going live

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