4.4 Known Issues

Here’s a list of known issues after the 4.4 update:

  • Regeneration sound continues playing even after it is no longer in effect
  • Joy’s Red skill is intended to prevent buffs from being removed, but they are being removed.
  • Jafar’s skills are not working correctly

Fixed Issues:

  • 0 rewards for Stages 1 - 4 for the Franchise Trials (s25 ONLY)
  • Fixed an issue where adding Facebook as an account recovery message could cause the game to crash.
  • QuackerJack’s Terror Teddy appears on the screen before the battle begins. Other heroes with “start of battle” effects encounter same bug.

How long is the stun and silence from Kim Possible collection buff?

Are y’all gonna actually fix the invasion boosts bug? There has been several updates since the bug started and it seems like a big problem to just completely overlook


Is Quasimodo intended to make the entire team practically invincible for 10s (and with other heroes unkillable)? Because that´s what the white skill + red skill does.

Also, at first glance… so far I think Patched Heroes is some reused content from another game :smirk:

It’s not reused content from another game!

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I mean, if we “patch” a hero and it doesn´t reset to White rank, I´d be mildly surprised.

It’s a new feature entirely that we’ll have more details on soon!


this week? :smirk:

Well, if it´s going to cost me more resources and the team giving ultra great “patch” deals then I just say no immediately.

Am sure big whales will be happy with another power upgrade… at least for some time until they find out others give up/are not interested.

No clue! When we have more info, we’ll get it posted.

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Ok we will wait to compare that with this.

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It’s not the same thing.

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Team confirmed it’s 2 seconds!


Asking the team!

That’s… really short, but anyway, thanks for the answer.

NBC collection has same duration?
Overall, the buffs should mention the durations too, it’s nowhere to be found in the game.

Nightmare Before Christmas Collection is 5 seconds!


@Nugget that duration can be added in the game somewhere?

Asking the team!


Do you think you can pin the regeneration sound bugs, and Quarterjack’s bugs along with Joy’s?

Could you give details about the invasion boosts bug?

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