4.4 Known Issues

Thanks! Yes it now shows correctly, I guess I hit that time you were referring to :hugs:

p.s. should probably go read the patch notes

@Nugget could the team possibly let the market discounts event apply to the token shops as well? :thinking:
Mainly Memory Market and Badge Bazaar. But others would be very welcome too.

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Will Audrey get replaced as arena/coliseum reward and moved to an elite node (or crates) soon?

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I have yet to see PerBlue announce this rotation more than 1.5 weeks in advance, but this is most likely Audrey’s final season as the Challenger reward; this will be her sixth season, and only one hero has ever lasted seven seasons in that slot. So her replacement will most likely be announced in the patch notes for the 16th or the 23rd, and she’ll be in some other slot on the 29th.

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Why exactly has Server 21 52,000 stamina consumables and Server 1 118,000 stamina consumables in a $20 deal IF the trial event had 800 per raid on 21 and 4,000 on 1? Seems a bit unfair don´t you think?

1/5 in trial event vs 52/118 in a $20 deal… (for those unaware 52/118 is roughly in the middle between 2/5 and 3/5, so 2.4x more for Server 21 than shown with Trial Event and previous deals…)


I hope its not a signal for incoming double cap raises for S21. There were greater than usual deals yesterday as well.

Is there any chance the massive server lag for s25 is being looked at? I know it’s not client side because others in my guild post to discord and it happens to everyone at the same time.

Jafar not performing Whirling Dervish at start as should be

Jafar’s scar disk and woody’s Jessie disk still don’t work

Yay. The list of bugs only exapnds…

She is indeed completely untargetable.

I haven’t seen it being talked about and it’s not even a new bug, but while his red skill’s speed buffs blocking effect is active, Vinny still stuns heroes when they use their white skill, despite them not getting any speed buff anywhere

(The armor removal from his Mr. Big disk also is always applied whether enemies have speed buffs on them or not)

This issue has been up for over a month. The team is aware of it and working on a fix, I guess they have numerous reports already. I presume all of these issues stem from the same problem in the code. Loutre already told us it will take a while to fix. I hope they are getting close.

One funny bug. Quasi’s “Ready to fly” confetti animation never stops playing. If you leave the window open for a while or do some clicking to force to repeat it more often you get a funny animation like below :smiley:

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Well, This should be included in DHBM Photo Gallery. Same to Perry

Other characters that have had a bug for a while and I don’t see mentioned ever are Miguel and Perry

Miguel can use his green skill ONLY on damage allies, and his red is still level limited despite the patch notes clearly stating it won’t be anymore (and the limit not appearing in the skill itself either).

Perry’s always broken the damage logs so it was a bit more difficult to notice, but his white skill doesn’t crit. Ever. My Perry has guaranteed super crit and his white skill still does nothing, while his green with a lower scaling oneshots most stuff

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One of my members faced Namaari in war today. And she was untargetable. As my friend said, their whole team stood still and did nothing until time ran out :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

HelpHelp When Quasimodo-Cursed using blue skill, he gets a SPAM :rofl: curse effect → lagging :dove::revolving_hearts::leaves::broom:Help

I have been thinking about the issues with Power Crafting/Power Promoting and I think I know why is that. @Nugget the problem lies in badges costing more stamina than is the hard cap. Game doesn’t like it since I was, for example, deprived of around 30 stamina consumables after crafting once the game synced up with the server. And that was like 20-25 seconds after crafting was done.

My game froze and I had to exit the game, why does it happen?

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