4.5 Hero Stat Refresh Update Notes


  • Make a Wish

    • Movement and Attack Speed from Cinderella’s random buffs reduced
  • Brush Off

    • Heals for a lower percent of her Max HP
    • Gains a lower amount of Energy
  • Stunning Songbirds

    • Now stuns enemies for a reduced amount of time
  • Magical Transformation

    • Gains a lower percentage of Movement and Attack Speed for a shorter duration
    • Shield HP amount and duration decreased
    • Movement and Attack Speed on enemies Blinded by Cinderella now reduces by a lower amount for a shorter duration
  • Keep Dreaming

    • “Stunning Songbirds” reduces Skill Power and Basic Damage by a lower amount
  • Go Together

    • Cinderella’s Shields Heal for a lower amount of the Hero’s Max HP
    • Cinderella’s Shields grant a lower amount of Movement and Attack Speed for a quicker duration
    • Reduced the amount of Energy gained per second that Cinderella’s Shield is active
  • Cinderella is undergoing fixes for her behavior at this point in time, so these changes are only temporary (We hope to get her buffed again in 4.6). These changes are being implemented so that she is still an excellent addition to players’ teams while in a good state for players to use.


  • Decreased damage dealt by “Lightning Storm”
  • Decreased damage added to “Lightning Storm” with “Note for Disaster”

Kristoff & Sven

  • Base Stat Increases

    • Increased Max HP, Basic Damage, and Skill Power
  • Troll Mend

    • Increased Healing and Armor amount
  • Best Buddies

    • Increased Max HP and damage for Sven
    • Increased Skill Power gain for allies,
    • Increased Sven’s KO damage to enemies
  • Slippery Slide

    • Increased damage and knockback distance
  • Ice Harvest

    • Increased debuff duration bonus
  • Reindeer Rampage

    • Increased Sven’s HP when summoned
    • Increased Skill Power and Max HP
    • Increased Reality to Sven
  • Creep Your Hands Warm

    • Increased Max HP and Basic Damage bonus to team
    • Increased Attack and Movement speed reduction
  • Crystal Carriage

    • Increased Sven’s Max HP and Armor
    • Increased Healing while Sven is in combat


  • Base Stat Increases

    • Increased Max HP, Basic Damage, and Skill Power
  • Snow Strike

    • Increased damage dealt to all enemies
  • Cold Snap

    • Increased damage dealt to closest enemy
  • Icy Blast

    • Now deals a higher amount of damage
    • Increased the range that enemies nearby can be damaged
  • Getting Colder

    • Elsa now deals a higher amount of damage to Frozen and Slowed enemies
  • Frosted Over

    • Applies more damage to “Snow Strike”
    • Gains more Basic Damage
    • Increased Skill Power
  • Trail-Breakers

    • Freezes from any source that freeze Control role enemies now last longer
    • Gains a higher amount of Skill Power
  • Cold Comfort

    • Increased Shield HP for Tank role allies at the start of each wave
    • More Max HP


  • Base Stat Increases

    • Increased Max HP, Basic Damage, and Skill Power
  • Head’s Up!

    • Increased Healing
    • Increased Freeze Duration
  • On a Roll

    • Increased damage to enemies
  • Build a Snowman

    • Increased HP and energy gain for Olaf
  • Snowed In

    • Increased the Movement and Attack speed decrease and duration
  • Glide and Pivot

    • Increased HP healed per second per Frozen enemy
    • Increased Healing for allies
    • Increased Max HP, Reality, and HP Healed from “Head’s Up!”
  • Tool of the Trade

    • Increased chance to avoid negative status effects
    • Increased energy gain from avoiding
    • Increased Max HP
  • Really Cool Shades

    • Increased Max HP
    • Increased damage cap for enemies that are Frozen while Frozen

Fairy Godmother

  • Base Stat Increases

    • Increased Max HP, Basic Damage, and Skill Power
  • Just in Time

    • Increased Healing done with her Basic Attacks
    • Heals herself and allies for a higher amount of HP per second
    • Increased Reality granted to herself and allies
  • Magical Enchantment

    • Increased Energy gained each time the Energized ally basic attacks
  • Pumpkin Transformation

    • Now deals a higher amount of damage to enemies
  • Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo

    • Now provides more Armor to herself and allies
    • Provides more Hardy stacks
  • Wish Granting

    • Basic Attack amount required for Fairy Godmother’s ally to become Energized lowered
      • Fairy Godmother will now be able to Energize her allies at a faster rate and more often
    • Fairy Godmother now gains a higher amount of Energy each time an Energized ally Basic Attacks
    • Allies Energized by Fairy Godmother gain more Energy each time they Basic Attack
    • Higher amount of Armor granted to allies by Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo
    • Increased Skill Power and Reality
  • Mousey Mistake

    • Increased Attack and Movement Speed provided to allies that are Energized
    • Increased Basic Damage to Fairy Godmother and allies
    • Increased Skill Power
  • Dual Deeds

    • Increased Reality granted to Fairy Godmother and her allies for the rest of the wave
    • Red Team enemies’ Skill Powers now reduced by a higher amount
    • Control role enemies now lose a higher amount of Skill Power

Magica De Spell

  • Base Stat Increases

    • Increased Max HP, Basic Damage, and Skill Power
  • Wand Zap

    • Increased spell width to hit more enemies
  • Shadow Cast

    • Increased Armor removal
  • Under a Spell

    • Increased damage
  • Stunning Surprise

    • Increased Movement and Attack Speed reductions
  • Magical Mayhem

    • Increased energy gain
    • Increased Skill Power and Reality
  • Live Wire

    • Increased damage reduction for Invisible and Invincible enemies
    • Increased Skill Power
    • Increased Max HP to Blue Team allies
    • Increased Basic Damage reduction to Damage role enemies
  • Unlucky Duck

    • Increased Skill Power increase when ally is KO’d
    • Increased Max HP


  • Base Stat Increases

    • Max HP, Basic Damage, and Skill Power Increased
  • Dragon Fire

    • Increased damage to all enemies
  • Forest of Thorns

    • Increased damage
    • Decreased the time it takes for an enemy to receive full damage
    • Decreased cooldown
  • Fog of Doom

    • Decreased cooldown
  • Mistress of All Evil

    • Increased Curse duration
  • Cast My Spell

    • Increased Tenacity reduction
    • Increased Reality
  • Drake-o-Lantern

    • Increased “Forest of Thorns” damage and duration
    • Added Reality reduction when enemies take damage over time
    • Added Armor
  • Shell Game

    • Increased energy removal
    • Added Reality decrease when enemies are stunned
    • Added Evasion decrease to enemies

Scrooge McDuck

  • Base Stat Increases

    • Increased Max HP, Basic Damage, and Skill Power
  • Coin Collection

    • Scrooge now drops more coins with his Basic Attacks
    • Now deals more damage for each coin that passes through enemies
  • Working Overtime

    • Scrooge now deals a higher amount of damage each time he lands on an enemy
    • Scrooge now Knocks Back enemies further
    • Cooldown reduced
  • Flying Fortune

    • Increased amount of damage dealt to enemies
    • Cooldown reduced
  • Money to be Made

    • Now heals for a higher amount of HP per coin that Scrooge gets back from “Coin Collection”
  • Pile ‘O Gold

    • Increased the amount of Attack Speed Scrooge gains for each coin he gains from “Coin Collection”
    • Increased amount of damage granted to “Working Overtime”
    • Increased Skill Power and Basic Damage
  • Rewrite History

    • Each coin during “Coin Collection” deals a higher amount of damage per enemy it passes through
  • Model Role Model

    • Scrooge pulls the enemy with the least HP to him when using “Coin Collection”, for each enemy that they pass through, they are now dealt a higher amount of damage
    • Increased Armor and Reality

Launchpad McQuack

  • Base Stat Increases

    • Max HP, Basic Damage, and Skill Power increased
  • Flare Up

    • Increased Heal and energy amount
  • Fiery Crash

    • Increased damage
  • Autopilot

    • Increased Heal amount
    • Increased Basic Damage given to allies
    • Increased Blind duration
  • Smooth Landing

    • Increased team Max HP
  • Flying in to Fight

    • Increased Basic Damage and Skill Power to allies
    • Increased Damage to “Fiery Crash”
    • Increased Max HP and Skill Power
  • Co-Piloting

    • Increased Basic Damage to Launchpad and allies
    • Increased Armor to Launchpad and allies
  • Hero’s Journey

    • Increased Skill Power to Red Team allies
    • Increased Max HP to Control Heroes on team

Donald Duck

  • Base Stat Increases

    • Max HP, Basic Damage, and Skill Power Increased
  • Fly into a Rage

    • Increased damage
  • Hopping Mad

    • Increased damage
  • Ruffled Feathers

    • Decreased time to Heal
    • Increased Heal amount
    • Increased energy gain
  • Short Tempered

    • Increased the max amount of debuffs Donald can absorb
  • Aw, Phooey

    • Increased energy gain when absorbing debuffs
    • Increased Heal amount
    • Increased Basic Damage and Max HP
    • Increased damage to “Hopping Mad”
  • Heavy Hitter

    • Increased Basic Damage
    • Increased Max HP threshold and percent of damage dealt
  • Helpful to a Vault

    • Increased Basic Damage
    • Added Reality and Armor increases

Glad these old heroes are getting refreshed and worked on. Although some of us will be disappointed about Cinderella but we’ll get used to it as we use her more lol. She is still a good hero to use but not as much as she will make the game break. And I’m actually surprised this is only a temporary nerf and she will be back to normal in 4.6


The game just updated and now we get a refresh

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And her icon does change to her in her maid outfit and stays like that whenever we use her when the game loads up


I was thinking I need is Onward Hero Refresh. But it’ll be wait

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I wanted to say, all these refreshes seem great and I really like them! The wait was totally worth it.

I’m so glad Scrooge actually seems pretty strong, I didn’t have my hopes up but I’m loving how he is now. :grin:


THANKS for this change, this is exactly what was holding her back. She didn’t seem that much different at first look, but after testing this I can say most of her clunkyness is finally gone! :partying_face:

Once again, great job on these buffs :clap:


We’re so glad you’re enjoying these! That was the goal for Patch and this is a long term feature too so the ones Patched stay Patched and more are just being added. Remember it’s NOT a short term thing we never wanted you to all get them in one go this is a LONG term feature.


@Nugget The damage of the wand in Magica’s red ability decreased, it didn’t stay the same but it decreased, is it a mistake? It should increase.


This may be one of the stats that is currently broken that we’re working on a fix


@Loutre Oh, too bad, I hope they can solve it for sure with all the update problem there were obstacles, and almost on vacation…


@Loutre @Nugget For the next update of Heroes you can add the percentage of the increase in statistics in the abilities and discs of each hero? I would like to know how much each statistic increased, of course if you see it as necessary or the contrary, that’s fine.


Why only one disk got new bonuses while other disk got nothing, that doesn’t seem fair.

Apart of that… very good refreshed again.


Thank you for this, and thanks to the entire team for sticking with it. IMO not enough players express this. It is a great game. It is a great update. You are appreciated.


Well I have to too see how different these heroes are gonna be like now like Scrooge, it should be interesting. Appreciate the update by the way.:+1:

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Pretty much all of them are miles better now… except Elsa but that’s just cause she was already very good


A Rainha Má ainda não sofrerá um refresh?

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I thought Evil Queen was getting a refresh? I’m guessing Maleficent took her place?

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Did Elsa just get a refresh not that long ago too? I think that was the reason she wasn’t given as big a change.


Yeah she did, this was her 3rd refresh
And well it’s not that the change was small. It’s more that it feels small cause she already performed well

The others were underpowered, so it’s a lot more noticeable


We just had the wrong name. Maleficent was always the one getting the refresh, but there’s so many evil queens it can be confusing.

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