4.6 Known Issues

Here’s a list of known issues after the 4.6 update:

  • Regeneration sound continues playing even after it is no longer in effect
  • Joy’s Red skill is intended to prevent buffs from being removed, but they are being removed.
  • Enemy Fairy Godmother is untouchable in Guild War
  • Jafar’s skills are not working correctly

Fixed Issues:

  • Fixed Zootopia Trial Diamond Rewards to display correctly.
  • Optimizations to reduce game crashes
  • We fixed an exploit within Creep Surge by adjusting enemy lineups and difficulty scaling. Surge Rewards scale with difficulty, so the adjusted scaling will offer similar amounts of total gold across fewer fights.

I don´t really want to post an issue, but saying thank you to the team for the slider on gold crates. It has been fast! Could it have 100,000 as max at some point?


Should this not only be bugs that crept up in 4.6 and ficed in 4.6 and bugs that are old

Bugs fixed in patch notes should not be here imo


Now this is a bug: Surge Enemies can have 0 stars.


Hi people I am on a android amazon device I was trying to update the game cause it was announced its working again but there is no update button I have checked everywhere does anybody know what is up with that any sort of help would be good

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Jumbas max hp effect on green skill doesn’t do apply on allies

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Anybody plz help

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are you sure your game didn’t update by itself?

No I mean when I go on it it say update is here but when I go to the appstore still there is no update that I can see

i would restart your device and try again.

Ok thanks for the help

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@Nugget tenacity/evasion given to Jumba and Robin doesn’t work, it gives 350 when the max level is 350, which is 0% working tenacity/evasion, please ask the team to change the scaling to be like Bellwether’s and Cinderella’s (so 700/1050 at disk level 310).

Surge enemies are Y24.

Scaling damage on refreshed heroes is lower.


But what do I do it it doesn’t let me update it it

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wondering about this… are the refreshes final? or we will still see some change before the season 3?

Open X/Open All is missing here.

And diamond crates X10 should have Open X/Open All too, it’s the only crates we’re getting.


i would just wait for a little bit, and if still doesn’t work message support

Ok thanks for the help

Can you speak to the discrepancies on the hero improvements listed please.
For example Lilo (mines is lvl 350, R13, 6 star)
The post said

  • Max HP, Basic Damage, and Skill Power increased
    My Lilo pre-update had base hero SP of 833,551 and post update had 833,551 (no change). Max base hero HP did increased 56% and BD did increase 87%.
  • Yell Out: Increased Slow percent, increased duration of Slow
    Duration increased from 8 to 10 seconds but percentage stayed the same.
  • Ohana: Heal amount increased
    My Lilo’s amount in fact decreased from 230,996,869 to 229,754,208 which should be impossible because Lilo’s total SP stat (taking into account all the multi color bonus additions) increased over 76 mil which should affect the heal amount of this skill per the color of the skills name. If all the above mentioned changes had been made then I would expect to see three increases to this heal amount. 1 increase from the skill improvement listed that doesn’t seem to have happened, 1 increase from the base SP that should have been applied but wasn’t, and 1 increase from the non-base hero SP that has increased over 160%.

I’m not here to argue that the hero should be improved even more in the update, I’m just asking if there is any accountability in regards to what was stated as the intended change and what was actually changed.

If the stated changes are only supposed to represent a possibility and not the final outcome, is it possible to post what changes were actually implemented with the update after the update goes into effect.


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my Jumba has 460 tenacity :man_shrugging:

Y24 screenshot for clarification -

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