5.3 Known Issues

Also scroll issue looking at purchasing packs. Keeps jumping back to top of list. And this happens trying to select mercenaries.

A little off topic but I saw you guys added skill point consumables to the contest rewards. This is good, really good @sam

Hopefully it will be this way for other contests as well, not just FTN. We FTP can’t complete this contest, in case someone asks why

I would say skill points and stamina hard cap and soft cap should not exist anymore.

It barely makes a difference.


I’ve been stuck with a cap of 39 skill points for quite awhile now and it irritates me… why the uneven number of 39???

New war season started and no new perks as stated

Not a major issue, but the Mad Hatter’s idle on the trial screen is glitchy (he’s doing it fast and choppily.)

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What is Small-Big Marie doing on the ground?


What is going on there?

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While damage numbers are finally going above 2.15B, thank you.

Healing/green numbers only go up to 2.15B :frowning:


We’re still having issues with integer overflow?


This issue is happening again.


It’s Jake; he’s hiding from all the filters, I guess in preparation for Rose’s arrival…


OK, last time I bring this up, promise. But…

I noticed that the cheater that I (and some guildmates) first reported to support in early May, and who I talked about in this comment in June, had since moved up into a top 100 guild. I’ve got an extra account I started using earlier this year to experiment, and I put that account into the same guild. Going over that player’s war attacks, “only” about half looked suspicious, with only these two being suspicious enough that I’d think they’re worth reporting:


But when I checked their creep surge attacks for the day, I found nearly 20 that all looked like this:


I can send the unedited screencaps into support, although the last time I sent them evidence of this player’s cheating (again from this extra account) they said they were looking into it and taking it seriously and didn’t need me to send any more.

After nearly 4 months of no consequences and with little clear evidence of current cheating by this player in PvP, I can’t say that I particularly care what happens anymore, but I thought I’d bring up the evidence of their cheating to earn gold in Creep Surge in case you wanted anything done with it, @Samm.


I know we’re about to have a new update, and I should probably wait to post this until the 5.4 known issues thread but this is really bothering me so I will post it now:
If we look at the rankings it says my Total account power is 4.07B

Ok, I recently bought a deal and skyrocketed in power from a little under 2B to where I am now in only a few hours.

But if we look at my Coliseum teams Power its 4.16B

How can my 15 heroes in my Coliseum team be more powerful than all 209 characters combined to make my total account power?
There is some inconsistency here.


Just a little bug… @Samm, any information about Quorra one shotting my Team and her motorbike’s slide in the victory animation?

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Does anyone got laggy or slow connection?

In S21, the message is slow loading for 4 sec in guild. I think it’s fixed now…and looks like fine…the global is fine.

EDIT: Arena, guild, war, and etc are still loading for 4 sec as well

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Did you equip any disk? I know this happens when you don´t change disks at all and just raise like… mod upgrades.

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the whole server has been down for about 3 hours again. same as last monday

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Guess Imma skip another week of Invasion…AGAIN.

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Only monitoring for emergencies …… guess not being able to get on the game isn’t an emergency :frowning:

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