5.9 Known Issues

If you run into any issues after the update, you can discuss them here. Please send in a support ticket, too!


Probably not a bug but there is one HUGE issue with the new badge tree

And that is that one badge common to all heroes that gives secondary stats. For the other ones I see what you were going for, relatively similar stamina costs with much less raiding needed.

But this specific one is supposed to be very cheap, literally a single bit costs as much as 9 of those entire badges costed previously (assuming 25% drop rate, so 4 raids per bit), and this with it also costing 21 times the bits it costed before (2100 when it used to be 100). You do realize this is insane right?

Actually scratch that second part, even the other ones increased way too much. And the heroes don’t even equip previous rank badges anymore, so not even badge crates do anything for them. This is pretty much impossible to keep up with, we’re back at taking a month to get all badges for a single hero with just free stamina.


Badge crates don’t drop any badges and badge costs have gone stupid.


The worst change is that heroes don’t equip badges from previous ranks anymore :pensive:

Badge crates are pretty much useless now for everyone who is at the cap level

At the same time, this change furthermore enforces that the cost increase too too much here. For three badges, the insane cost of what it is now would have been somewhat acceptable. This is impossible.


I’ve found a huge problem for you: you won’t see any more of my dollars until you lower the cost of energy.


Just realized we currently have double drops active.
Which means without it it’d take two months to promote a hero from just free stamina. It’s never been this bad.


The funniest thing is it’s not even worth it to promote heroes to E6 right now. Badge main stats are completely irrelevant because of the insane amounts given by disks and red skills, and you get more secondary stats from just enhancing a E5 badge unless you have 60M stamina to dump on each hero just for that.


This doesn’t only prevent F2P / low spending players from enjoying the game.

- Which it does.

But also - players with their roster maxed (or close to it) and a huge amount of Badge Bits in hand ready to go for the new rank, suddenly find their entire stock completely useless and have to now spend these ridiculous millions of stamina also…

Encouraging F2P / low spenders to quit the game is one thing, but if the spenders start quitting there’s a problem…


You also can’t even open enough stamina to upgrade a hero all at once. The hard stamina cap is 32m.


Unrelated but

Gotta love how it was clearly stated she would be a “middle point” between the current situation and balance, yet she’s more broken than Eda and Shere Khan who are the two most in need of nerfs.

Case in point:

Edit: this shows it better (yes she won)


The problem is the whole stamina increase


Badge Crates not working now is the worse issue than simply the Stamina cost IMO

It’s all horrendous, but disabling Badge Crates on the new cap fundamentally changes the entire play style that provided any hope of keeping up for people not able to spend money on stamina

Now we just… can’t…

But yeah, the stats are so imbalanced anyway and Luz is yet another step in the wrong direction, so who really cares about rank :woozy_face:


I never thought I would say this… for months or even years actually… but, the game might just die now.

The entire badge map is now just a joke, because the stamina required was (like the stats for new heroes, including Luz) increased by >10x.

So I guess the last turns off the lights. I am on the verge of quitting and I supported you even in tough times @TheGrillFather. This feels like a slap now.


??? That’s odd. My eda was able to body an emerald rank Luz


Heck my Shego 2 shot her xD


I suppose thats one way to deal with the gold bottleneck… create an even more insane stamina bottleneck, problem solved.

Seriously though is it correct or did someone make an error in the numbers, I mean right through to Chap 37 Elite was double the stamina cost to normal, now normal is 9350 while elites only 10285 which is not double (which btw would be insanity upon insanity)

This may fix the server issue as honestly I dont expect anyone who isnt a whale to really stick around if this remains in place. Remember we only get 3m (if we spend 100 diamonds a day) stamina per day and the minimum badge cost is 19m stamina… during double drops. You are looking at 1 week per badge. Effectively zero progression.


Merge is not needed anymore. So much people will quit and spenders stop paying your bills… sadly… insane ammounts…


Even if you look at it as “not double”, you’re still now paying nearly 1000 stamina for hero chips that previously cost 15…


Hi team, you forgot to proportionally increase the gold and hero XP we get from the new zones. We are now getting 857 times less hero XP and gold for our stamina. Unless you adjust it, people will eventually run out of hero XP OR even worse, be forced to farm hero XP in old zones that won’t even help them rank up heroes any more.

Old zones (loot for 96 stamina):

New zones (loot for 82280 stamina):


Fix stamina cost ASAP! So many players are going to quit, it is truly madness!!!

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