5.9 Known Issues

The amount of hero chips dropped in chapter 78 doesn’t seem to be increased.
It would be very helpful if you apply the change for all Elite campaigns when you fix this.



I cant believe what happened with this uptade. When i read you’d increase the stamina costs I thought it’d be okay, but it wasn’t. I like this game and I put money here every month since I started playing, if i can’t earn gold and exp proporcionaly for my heroes doesn’t make sense I keep playing. It wasn’t a good choice


The new stamina cost will kill the game for most of my guild. We are a top guild on S 21. We stuck it out through all the double cap raises. For this to happen


@TheGrillFather The cost for the new E6 stats badge (bottom row, far right) is ridiculous! The E5 stats badge cost 1,920 stamina (with double drop) and the new one for E6 costs 38,850,000 stamina (with double drop) PER badge! That is over a 20,234x cost increase!!! We are not receiving a 20K+ increase in stamina being handed out, so the game has significantly been changed for the worse for everyone with this latest update.


@TheGrillFather you guys should really bring back the old badge tree, the cost was more acceptable and now it’s just impossible to keep up.


I was expecting problems with the introduction of the new badge tree and increased costs. I wasn’t expecting some of the problems that have been reported so far, but I’m not surprised.

What I find disappointing is the silence from the team in the face of this outcry.

Even if you think there’s currently too much stamina in the game, there are other issues with the changes; are any changes possible, or are we stuck with the current system, both the bad and the worse?


We’ll review over this week how this update goes. It’s our first time coming out with this badge system, which feels painful at first, but the design is made to feel less pressure after the first handful of heroes. Because you’re collecting badges and bits only from this Chapter, it will feel like you’re starting from zero, so the initial costs will feel really, really tough. Overtime, that cost should not feel this difficult.

However, we’re at a time right now where we want to see how the system works out, and we’ll iterate with improvements as we gather data.

I’m sorry that everyone feels as though this was a horrible decision. I know it’s frustrating. I’ll keep everyone posted as the team reviews.


You are serious ? OK bye


First, I’m sorry for assuming that you and/or the team have been quiet since the release; I haven’t really been keeping up with the global chat on your Discord server because it’s been, ah, chaotic when I’ve checked it in the past.

I still feel there are issues with the changes beyond just the huge increase in stamina required, and I don’t know how long it would be prudent to gather data without making adjustments to address some of these side issues, but, well… I guess we’ll see.

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What in god name is that STAMINA INCREASE??? Have you guys finally gone crazy??? This is absurd and disgusting and greedy beyond reasons

And 1 more thing, I can’t find anything in the patch note about the increase to team lv requirement to lv up. Yet it did. 1M to reach 416??? WTH???


2 issues need solving/questions need solutions before the stamina cost can be considered acceptable IMO -

How can we change this so that Badge Crates can still be useful for players promoting their heroes to the new rank?

We all know that Badge Crates are a vital resource. Since they can never drop the most recent rank of badges, and the new structure means that all 6 badges are of this most recent rank, it renders them completely ineffective for upgrading heroes beyond the old rank. This needs to be changed.

How can we change this so that old bits can still be useful for players promoting their heroes to the new rank?

ATM if I was a super whale I’d be absolutely horrified at having spent well to prepare for future ranks, only for my entire badge bag to be totally useless.

Is there a ‘quick’ way we can get some sort of Deconstruction feature which converts inventory bits/badges back into Stamina (at a reduced rate or whatever)?


But will E7 not feature badge bits exclusively found in chapter 79? I’m not sure how time will improve the situation - we’ll be starting from zero every new rank :thinking:


So… If everyone just quit playing and (most importantly to you and everyone that gets paid to keep the game going) buying deals, would you still be just “sorry that everyone feels that way”; or would you actually make the changes that everyone (whom actually play the game and fork out money) is saying need to be made sooner than ASAP to prevent the death of the game…? :thinking::man_shrugging:


Congrats on completely destroying the game :tada:
Even those who spend, well, those with common sense, will call it quits. The new coat is daylight robbeey. Count your money whilst you can, you’ll not have much more coming in after this diabolical display.


It’s a completely unreasonable amount of stamina. When there was an announcement of “adjustments” being made I had braced myself for a campaign fight to cost maybe hundreds, but nearly ten thousand stamina up from twelve is absurd.


This was awful. You guys were heading in such a great direction in oct/November that I was telling all my old guild mates come back to the game.
You undid everything and made this terrible and left us with a “just be patient”. You know how many years people have been patient with this game? This is the first update ever that I didn’t even craft a single new badge because I saw the price tag, and that’s with a double drop. I hope you fix it fast, as we lose more players than we gain with things like this.


Everyone just needs to stop spending. That’ll get their attention. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes PB.


Tell that to our stamina that DIDN’T increase at all when I leveled up my team to lv 420

Over time, this game will die. Really fast. If nothing changes

Give us 1B stamina and this update will be good. 1M stamina is just a big slap to our face. Greed really knows no limit


I have reported an issue back in December 03 and have gotten nothing in reply but the standard BS about working on it. I have sent in at least 5 to 8 follow ups to this issue. The ads lock up the game. And only way is to force shutdown of game. I have missed a lot of playing time because it is not letting me to finish the daily login. So again when will this get fixed. An easy fix is to delete ads and let us play until you get the issue fixed


How could a weak Luz beat such a maxed out nerfing hero? How mysterious. Even I would be surprised why the stamina cost for chapter 78 was at 10000 instead of 15.

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