5.9 Known Issues

“it will feel like you’re starting from zero”

It sure will, as many take this as a queue to play something else.


This is because you do start from zero each time. If you have collected enough badge bits for a badge, you craft the badge. For the next hero, you start from zero again.

Furthermore, you totally start from zero cause no badges from older ranks are being re-used. That makes badge crates useless for the top ranks and thus makes you start from zero each cap raise again.


Frustrating? Feels like a horrible decision? How about it is a horrible decision. And frustrating? That’s an understatement. In one big greedy swoop, you’ve successfully ruined the game.
If we’re gonna have to start over, then we may as well start over elsewhere. And you won’t just lose a handful of players. You’ll lose entire guilds. Even guilds that have been paying your wages. There is no legitimate excuse for this increase. Its greed. Pure and simple.

And those who are still paying out, you’re just making the issue worse. You’re playing directly into pbs hands, and making them think this is acceptable. Im as competitive as the next person. But theres a line. And with this update, its been crossed.


“it will feel like you’re starting from zero”
I don’t want start from zero, I play this game a long time to now start it from zero. I only want a game that I feel able to play without stuck each badge. Fix it asap


If I have to start from zero, I will start from zero somewhere else. Why would I ever have to put myself through misery by playing this horrible and greedy game??? Do you guys even think at all when doing this??? Or have you been finally blinded by greed?


Been playing this game for 2055 days, and this update…


I’m trying to find the polite way of wording all this… key word is trying.

Screw it, this is as close as I can get to a polite response.

The only way you all could have through this was a good idea was if A: you thought the bulk of the playerbase was stupid enough to not be infuriated by such a rise in cost, or B: you yourselves were stupid enough to not take player consideration into account.

And believe me, I really wish there was a way for me to interprete this whole mess with insulting SOMEONE’S intelligence but I just can’t.


I might be wrong, but seems your calculations might been a bit wrong.
Even if we only raiding one chapter the cost is RIDICULOUS in comparison to what it was.
30M stam batteries only increased 50 something toons.
If goal is to put everyone back to scratch you are arrogantly dismissing everyone who played the game for almost 6 years. Both f2p and spenders who saved up to manage cap rises. Not to mention S21 and S25 players who endured 1 year of double caps.
Please fix this fast. Even with data gathering the players have spoken, this is madness and too much.


Please don’t insult us. You know you increased the cost of playing towards a point that nobody is able to play the game without spending a lot of money. It’s not to gather data it’s to see how much money you can make in the endphase of the game.

Simple calculations will point out f2p is not possible, playing from build up rescources is impossible, playing without spending is not possible. People will leave quick, that’s what you gained. Might be the tactic, if people leave themselves they won’t ask for a refund of spend money in the time that the game was playable and they chose to spend it.


White skill freezing has been as issue for years.

Berserk is the worst buff of all time for just as long. Clearly states your hero will flinch when they lose 15% (or 10% idk) but what happens at 1hp? Constant Flinching.

The stamina cost is probably the worst known issue atm.

The hero balance is out of whack causing instant wipes in 1 second minimum and 10 seconds at best. It used to be team countering of rock, paper scissors but now it’s rock, rock, rock.

There litteral xxx guilds in s21 in a PG rated game which also has had nothing done about it despite the reports and getting the same response like it’s ChatGTP.


It will feel like we are starting at 0 you say? Well of course it would be that way because that’s how much stamina I’ll have after pressing the Quick Fight Button


Just go from 15 to max 100stam instead 9k+


Elite campaign doesn’t seem to be giving boosted hero chips did the 5 free daily and got 4 chips total


Exactly 1.1x

I doubt non-whales are even close to E6. So they only intend to take away all the XP or gold from those that purchase it/have trillions stored.

A correction, E5 full badge had a cost of 5.5M stamina (without double drops, no badges pre-raided).
E6 is still at least 6-7x more expensive than that.

Even then the cost needs to be lower by 6-7x. Cause the Power Crafting and double drops did make E5 cheaper than 5.5M mentioned above. And it was just half the badges, not all.

+1 for this.

No, I don’t think either of these is correct. More likely the “insane cost” is just a measure trying to:
A) reduce lag (although that does seem very minor)
B) get more revenue (I wouldn’t be surprised, however if you get for $20 battle pass deal only 6 heroes with all E6 badges at double drops, there is indeed a problem - $50 got you pretty much all heroes with all badges equipped in previous ranks)
C) maybe this is a part of a bigger scheme… and I for one would be happy if the entirety of the game could find some sweet balance someday very soon - even if it will be painful at first.

I still do believe there needs to be some sort of better mechanics to get the badges via other means than stamina, if those can be made cheaper.
I do however understand if not.


Except he’s right…
That specific badge’s cost never really increased over time since after 4 cap raises the nodes went back to 6 stamina.
For the other badges yes that would be enough (altough even then it would be too much considering badge crates can’t drop any of them). But for the stats badge even a single raid is too much stamina… and a single raid doesn’t even guarantee one bit.


Stats badge should cost as much as the others, if not less.
Heck, the stats badge could even require just 40 as before.


Hahahahah this perblue is soooooo bad. In the black market on sale 1,62m diamonds for 1 badge. 2500 diamonds average cost 35 euros. Meaning they ask 22.000 euro for one badge. The fact that they are so bad to not see this worthless mistake is criminal. Imagine you accidently select it. And they keep this in the game. Hahaha they must feel so bad about themselves doing this kind of insanely poor job.


hardly… 50 euros can get you 40,000 wish crates… you are bound to get at least one 30,000 diamond jackpot, if not more


Looool nice comment numi. Get 32 jackpots and you can buy one badge. Seriously worth it.

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I merely pointed out that your comment about 2500 diamonds average cost 35 euros… is not right. :man_shrugging:

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