5.9 Known Issues

I call BS on the “it is like starting over” its definitely not. Recently I sold ALL my badges and bits because I was working on loot tables, and while it was only going to Emerald rank it was significantly less to raid and craft every badge from scratch. This was Eda going to Emerald, 700k stamina for 4 badges as 2 were already put on her during normal drops.

The problem is this is 1558x the cost per bit, requiring at least 700 bits, effectively this is like requiring 1m+ bits the last badges were no-where near this level. We get around 3m stamina per day if we spend 100 diamonds on Stamina. This makes crafting a single badge take a week. To Fully upgrade 15 toons from E6 to E7 a f2p player is going to take 2 years.

More Recently going from E5 to E6 the most a single badge was costing from scratch was around 3m.


Hi everyone! I understand your concerns about the new stamina costs. It can be difficult when things change in a big way! However, for the longevity of the game, we discovered that on hand numbers in-game haven’t scaled healthily over time, and we needed to take action. Increasing the stamina costs for the new rarity is the best way to bring balance to the economy.

I know that the upfront cost per battle looks like a steep increase, but less battles are required to gather all the required bits needed to promote a hero. In the past, the badge system required hundreds and thousands of battles across multiple chapters. Now, there’s less jumping around and costs are simplified in a single chapter.

In just the first day since the update, things are trending toward a much healthier balance in the stamina economy, and players are still progressing through the new content at a pace we expect. As with any changes to the game, we are watching closely and reviewing the data.

We made these changes to improve game performance and ensure the long-term health of the game so we can continue to launch QoL updates, new heroes, content, features, and maybe even new servers. Thank you all for your understanding and support!


What support?! :sob:
All I’ve seen is a bunch of negative comments about the new change (which to be fair can you really blame them?)


lol- I am in a top guild s21, and see other top players, most of which have not put e6 badges on. How is that progressing? You want 90+% to struggle to get badges even for a handful of their heroes? I will tell you this now, if nothing changes, you will lose players. I hope that’s the healthy economy you were hoping for.


Hi, the increase is a bottomless impertinence. you are even trying to justify it, unbelievably cheeky!

if you increase these costs, then perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad idea to adjust the rest,

diamonds for stamina exchange
stamina pack increase from 60 to X
hourly bonus at 12 / 18 and 21 o’clock
guild check in

if it stays like this, you will lose a lot of players including me.
if that’s your goal - you’ve made it.

congratulations on this quality and performance adjustment.

even the big donors who finance your vacations will also see this in the short term and then it’s over.

my account is over 1,800 days old and i’m in one of the top guilds on s1.

but probably everyone will soon be playing on S1, as all the servers will have to be closed because there is no one left.

honestly people, keep it that way, there are enough alternatives, you’re not the only ones with a game like this on the market.

if i were you, i would thoroughly rethink your ‘concept’.
otherwise you can switch the game off directly.

peace out


But that does not facilitate the E6 costs being 10x the E5 costs.
You could have as well have offered 10x less stamina in deals and have 10x lower requirements and achieve the same result.

The problem isn’t this

but rather that you offer too much stamina in deals…

F2P players earn 3M stamina (if they use 500 diamonds) + a maximum of 2.14M stamina through regeneration.
That is 5.14M stamina over a day or roughly 144M stamina over 28 days.

BUT… YOU offer a shortcut - 5M stamina consumables upfront for $20 (sometimes even 10M).
5M stamina consumables is 300M stamina.

So in the end you give people that pay $20 2 cap raises worth of stamina… and then wonder why the stamina economy is so bloated.
Yes, now nobody can progress so it goes towards a “healthier state”.

From a personal standpoint, F2P should be able to get max rank badges for at least half the roster (now 107 heroes) over the 28 days.
And deals should only offer that same value (to max the other 107 heroes) in a $50 deal.

Emerald+6 doesn’t in my eyes suffice the former, nor the latter.
Emerald+5 gave way too much leverage towards the people spending to get stamina.


Going back to this, if every chapter from Chapter 1 towards Chapter 77 had the badges from bits like the Chapter 78 has now… then every Chapter could have the stamina requirements lowered. So could be stamina in deals (or taken away or change a decimal point or whatever) lowered and we would have a stable stamina economy that doesn’t indulge in tens of millions like now.
It’s not good, it’s completely unnecessary and any new player coming is likely to leave after they get close to the insanity we have at the end.


We were feeding you too much, now we will make you starve, boom, healthy.


2 lvl caps ago i could lvl all my heroes for 3mil stam packs, last lvl cap ut costed me 9mil (had some badge crates). Now i used 3 mil dtam pack and not even have 5 heroes maxed instead of 200+

For this lvl cap it keeps that way. And i am a top 50 player of s1

So basically, we all hate these changes, people are quitting the game, but don’t worry, Perblue says we’re just being dramatic about a big change…

That’s a bold strategy, let’s see if it pays off for them


It takes less time to get a new cap raise (4 weeks) than to get enough free stamina to farm all six badges for a hero (a month being a very generous estimation).
You can’t keep up even one hero without spending - heck I see regular spenders struggle to keep up more than a few. When 15 heroes minimum (but realistically way more) are needed to remain competitive, how could this ever be even remotely healthy?


Are we not seeing the problem with this??? Over 3 million diamonds for one badge?
I run a top guild on s1, and trust me, not one member is happy about any of this…


Agree on that rezzy… i guess no one of the top200 ranked players…

:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: tbh if anything, this post just makes PB look worse to most of us :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s such a bewilderment that I can’t even think where to begin on responding to it


Exactly- whatever hope exists that they could fix this, seems to die at their defense of these decisions.


Literally every single point made in that PB comment can be argued as being incorrect or ill-informed from some standpoint or another. It doesn’t provide any reassurances in the slightest that these decisions are even being made with any actual consideration, let alone for the health of the game. And basically tells us to put up with it despite the facts showing that we actually physically can’t. It’s the written equivalent of the dog-in-fire ‘This Is Fine’ meme


That literally makes 0 sense. You want longevity? Make the game more balanced and fix the issues. Wanna fix the stamina economy? Don’t. Not everyone can have the resources to upgrade all the heroes to emerald. Unless that data you’re observing isn’t a bank account. I’m not running through a wish . Com maze for rubber cheese

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Obtaining E6 Badges for a single hero comes at an average cost of 45 million Stamina when double drops are active. For a complete roster, this translates to 10 billion Stamina with double drops (requiring 167 million Stamina Consumables) or 20 billion without (equating to 334 million Stamina Consumables). Alternatively, opting for Bazaar badges amounts to nearly 100 million Bazaar tokens per hero.

At the current rate of 5 million Stamina Consumables priced at £20, this totals £668 per patch for stamina with double drops across the full roster

The benefits of upgrading Emerald rank:

  1. Increases the Battle Badge by +1.
  2. Ensures competitiveness. With Emerald, attaining the 6th badge becomes essential to stay competitive, as it enhances “scaling stats” by +5.

Emerald made it mandatory to raise badges without providing any value or noticeable power.


Emitz, that is a fault of disbalanced heroes though. Because if they had disk and red skill bonus stats equal to Base Stat obtained from Badges, you would notice the stats gained from getting/enhancing badges.

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All due respect but this isn’t Bringing longevity to the game its quite the opposite, no one wants to spend 150 Million on 6 badges for a single toon, the trials are one thing but this is a whole different animal.

Ultimately, this will drive your spenders away. Your spenders need to be able to maximize their dollars so that they can continue to play and continue to spend on your game, When they’re having to buy one hundred dollars just a max 15 toons for war thats insane

I mean, you had people crying and upset about the trials cost. Then you’re going to 12.5 times the cost for 6 badges on a single toon

This seems to be an effort for more people to be forced to spend to even have a chance at keeping up

In the end I think alot of people will stop spending and move on if you guys continue this

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