6 Day Contest

These 6 Day Contest are ridiculous, maybe one a month at cap raise, otherwise I ignore them now beyond tiers

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It’s already been confirmed that 6 day contest are staying for the foreseeable future so you going to have to get used to it

Well well it shows that this six day contests purely aim on the wallets of spenders. Extended time->extended spending…coated in some better tiers and nothing more. Just a new way to dry out our ressources faster. I just tip my hat for this bussiness move…

Frankly it makes them no longer contests, just a standard part of the game. Gets boring and caters to the big spenders. Especially when bonus points involved a hero so new many of us didn’t have him, let alone leveled enough to be of any use where we were supposed to use him. As an occasional thing the six-day contest is fine, but as a regular deal I don’t think they’re worth it.

And yay, more chef chips :unamused:


Still don’t like them, waste of resources for minimum rewards imo

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