A Beginner's Guide to the City Creeps


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Anyways, this Guide is all about the Creeps found in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, from The City to Invasion.

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Now that’s over, welcome to The Beginner’s Guide to the City Creeps .

The Brute

"What are they?"

The Brute is a Frontline Tank who is immune to Normal Damage at Green and Above. They dish out Normal Damage with their cricket bat. They can be proven quite difficult when paired up with Skeletons, but can be beaten.

"How to beat them?"

They can be easily beaten using Fantastic or True Damage. Use Reality-reducing Heroes like Elastigirl (Ja) or Reality-Negating Heroes like Frozone (EV).

The Skeleton

"What are they?"

The Skeleton is a Frontline Tank who is immune to Fantastic Damage at Green and Above. They dish out Fantastic Damage with their sword. They are challenging to beat when paired with Brutes, but not impossible.

"How to beat them?"

They can be easily beaten using Normal or True Damage. Use Armor-reducing Heroes like Mr. Incredible (El) and Miguel Rivera (El). You can also use Armor-Negating Heroes like Jack Sparrow (Ni).

The Ninjas

"What are they?"

The Ninjas are Frontline Damagers that boosts the enemy team’s damage until defeated at Green and Above. They deal Fantastic or Normal Damage depending on color; Fantastic if Purple, Normal if Blue. Watch out if they are paired with strong Damagers like The Bugs and The Chomp Chest.

"How to beat them?"

Since they aren’t immune to anything, they can be beaten by any Damage. They usually deal less damage than those who are mentioned above or below, so The Ninjas are less priority than those.

The Bugs

"What are they?"

The Bugs are Backline Damagers that deal Splash Damage and ignore the defenses related to that. If they are Purple, they deal Fantastic Splash Damage and ignore Reality; if they are Blue, they deal Normal Splash Damage and ignore Armor.

"How to beat them?"

They are strong and they ignore Reality and Armor, so they’re one of the priorities you should take care of first.

The Ghouls

"What are they?"

The Ghouls are Frontline Tanks who become immune to all Damage for a period of time at Blue and Higher. The type of damage they deal depends on its color.

"How to beat them?"

They’re your first priority when dealing with Teams that involve the Ghouls, as they are definitely the first hit of your Heroes. As much as possible, don’t let them go invincible, as it opens up a vulnerability to your Heroes.

The Cannon

"What are they?"

The Cannon is a Midline Damager who deals heavy Normal Damage to the Frontmost Hero.

"How to beat them?"

If your Frontmost Hero has high Armor, then you’re good; otherwise, The Cannon is the one you should dispatch right away.

The Mages

"What are they?"

The Mages are Backline Supports that deal Ranged Damage depending on color. At the Start of the Wave, they heal the enemy team until defeated. They are usually paired with Brutes or Skeletons in Friend Campaigns, which can become annoying without the proper Heroes.

"How to beat them?"

You can use Backline Target Damagers like Vanellope (Me), Elastigirl (Va), and Moana (Me) to get rid of them easily.

The Blobs

"What are they?"

The Blobs are Midline Damagers who deal Splash Damage depending on its color.

"How to beat them?"

If your Heroes have no issue with Armor or Reality, then you have no problems with The Blobs, but if they have an issue, dispatch The Blobs immediately.

The Robot

"What are they?"

The Robot is a Backline Damager who deals Normal Damage on the whole Team.

"How to beat them?"

If your Heroes have no issue with Armor, you’re good. If not, then dispatch The Robot immediately.

The Thief

"Who is she?"

The Thief, first introduced in the Heist, is a Midline Damager who, when stunning, becomes untargetable. At Purple +3 and Higher, she gains a Second Wind, which heals her when she drops below a certain HP threshold.

"How to beat her?"

She is a Creep with Tenacity higher than Mr. Incredible, which means that any Crowd Control or Disable - Freeze, Stun, Silence, Charm, and Blind - will go away in usually less than a second. You can use Heroes that have Boosted Disables, such as WALL-E (Da), Nick (Ya), Tia Dalma (Ja), and Megara (Al)

The Hoverbots

"What are they?"

The Hoverbots are Backline Damagers that charge and deal heavy damage depending on their color.

"How to beat them?"

Hoverbots are what’s called “glass cannons”. They deal heavy damage, but they are very fragile.

The Chomp Chest

"What are they?"

The Chomp Chest is a Frontline Tank Damager who withdraws and deals heavy Normal Damage.

"How to beat them?"

As much as possible, don’t let them withdraw because if they do, your Frontmost Hero will get a lot of Damage.

The Hunters

"What are they?"

The Hunters are Backline Control-Damagers that target a specific Hero Class depending on its pattern and color. If a Hunter senses its specific Hero Type, it webs up the closest Hero Type and stunning them; otherwise, it becomes a Frontline Damager who deals Melee Normal Damage.

"How to beat them?"

As much as possible, don’t use Heroes that the Hunter is specified for, always look for its description.

The Automatic Turrets

"What are they?"

The Automatic Turrets are Midline Damagers that come in Trios and Study the closest Hero. They also deal Normal Damage. Don’t underestimate their size, they can pack quite a punch.

"How to beat them?"

They are fragile, but since they come in Trios, dispatching them one by one can be hard, so you might want to use Multi-Target Damagers.

The Mama Bot

"Who is she?"

The Mama Bot, introduced in the brand-new Invasion, is a Creep who summons other Creeps. Her health can vary from Bot to Bot. She doesn’t only summon other Creeps, but she also deals heavy Normal Damage.

"How to beat her?"

At the start of the Invasion, she is alone. You might want to use Heroes that get more powerful the less Enemies are present, like Merida, Dash, or Stitch. Avoid using Jack-Jack unless Mama Bot is present along with 1 Creep only.


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Would be even cooler if there were pics of the enemies in their respective category

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Ok, so, I had my first Invasion ever this week, and your description of the boss is WAY too vague because, well, she is the boss.

So far from what I’ve seen, I think Mama Bot does these things:

  • Summons an array of troops with the Brute (always used first),
  • Summons an array of troops with the Skeleton (alternates with the Brute one),
  • Charges itself, boosting atrack speed and damage,
  • Shoots.

She is totally immune to stuns and freezes and will never flinch, BUT other effects do apply. So the best crowd control you can use is most likely reduced attack speed. I’ve found two units to be absolute beasts in that aspect, Alice who gives 70% speed difference in total… and Barbossa. Wonder who’d even think he’s probably the best unit in the game against Invasion Bosses?

You’ll also want Miguel on your team. I just couldn’t find a way to replace him and his incredible healing. The fight is long, tedious and very dangerous after all.

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I’m planning on making an Invasion Guide soon (probably making too much Guides that I’m probably Spamming) that covers the whole Invasion, including the detailed description of the Mama Bot.

As for the Mama Bot’s description in this Guide, I’ll edit it along with the pictures of the Creeps.


Where did you find this information? Very interesting. Some of this I knew but I had no idea the brutes and skellies were tanks

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I found The Chomp Chest and The Hunters in the Invasion, specifically the Breaker Quest…


Well I like it. I’ve played since the beginning and I still learned a few new things. Lol I think you should add a few more details though for new players. For example, I noticed a lot of areas say “depending on their color.” Us veterans know what this means but maybe add what damage each color creep does. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ll edit the Chomp Chest and Hunters Sections once the next Invasion starts, which is tomorrow…

As for the “depending on the color,” I added that so that it won’t get redundant, but I guess doing that became vague.


A work in progress. However very good so far!

I like it.

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The best way to check if something’s a tank class is to have Zurg with Rex disk deal damage to them, he deals extra damage to tanks

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Is it just me or do studies seem to last indefinitely on the Mama bot? I had Baymax in my squad and after he scanned her, I never saw the study symbol leave the bot.

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What a great guide! Keep this up!

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Nice post, HeroSSwin!

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