A Mistake Has Been Made

Hello people.
Lets shed some light on recent events for the people who joined the forum within the past year:
It starts here:

Eventually going here:

The code hunts over, the project all lead to was announced here:

After a few delays the Prologue came here:

A year ago I established complications in creating the full thing:

Along the way we had YouTube videos, Twitter accounts and other shenanigans. But largely codes. I’ve spent an entire year not acknowledging it.

So this:


Is in fact continuing the mystery.

I’m devastated to see it has once again been flagged because people who don’t know what they’re looking at. So no one has seen it. Because no one can see it, the topic has been hidden. So sorry to break the 4th wall, felt like I needed to.



@Bluebandit93 Lost Regular

I got this:

the transmission failed to be reach it s intended recipient

:thinking: :eye:


Yeah I havent been posting and liking as much
Doesnt really bother me tbh

what is this

Did you not read it?

I have now and it makes sense now

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Ok so before this thread, I once again started posting cryptic things in DMs.

Starting here with this image and no words:

Ironically much like how the search originally started, the people in this DM said it was to hard.

I agreed and admitted it had over 98,000 numbers of Binary on it.

So I made it smaller:

You should be able to press that little button to read the whole thing

Resident Code Breaking Master @Filadae_Djaq took a crack at it. After decoding from Binary though wasn’t sure where how to continue:

Boom if you read the threads linked at the top and read this here then you’re all caught up!
Let the games… begin (again)

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