A reasonable merman (likely concept)

King triton

2 star, backline support

“I consider myself a reasonable merman… I set certain rules and I expect those rules to be obeyed!”


Entrance: king triton emerges from a body of water that appears in his position

Victory: king triton smiles while raising his triton in the air

Defeat: king triton gets angry as his triton loses power

Basic attack: king triton zaps the nearest enemy with his triton, dealing X damage


White: triton’s rage

King triton raises his triton as it glows brightly, increasing the duration of all buffs on allies by 4 seconds and blinding the two nearest enemies for 10 seconds, then in a rage, he zaps all enemies with a laser of energy, dealing X damage to all enemies and sapping all enemies for 5 seconds.

Green: sebastians concert

Sebastian appears and conducts a short melody with his baton, making the two frontmost allies invincible for 5 seconds and giving each ally 150 energy.

Blue: merman blessing

King triton slowly swipes his triton fowards which creates a rainbow that covers all allies, this cleanses all debuffs on each ally, heals each ally for X amount and increases the crit chance of each ally by 60%

If an ally has more than 3 buffs on them when this move activates, this move will instead make them invincible for 10 seconds.

Purple: ruler of the sea

All buffs on king triton increases the power dealt by “triton’s rage” by 25% for each buff on him.

Red: atlantic protection

All disables to enemies are now unavoidable when each ally has more than one buff or are invincible from any source

“Triton’s rage” is now guaranteed to crit against sapped enemies.
+X damage to “Triton’s rage”
+X skill power
+X max HP


King triton/Ursula
Battle for the ocean
all heals increases buff durations

All healing done by allies now increases the duration of any buff on them by 4 seconds.

King triton/Kida
Jewel of Atlantis
shorter green skill cooldown

“Merman blessing” now shortens the cooldown of all green skills by 70%

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