C-train's C-pad

a place to feature all my concepts (well…not all of them but you get my point) so please…feel free to browse through the collection of my good and bad concepts

likey concepts



Héctor (Remake-cept)

Barley Lightfoot (remake-cept)

Big bad wolf (Remake-cept)


Tamatoa (Remake-cept)

Honest John and gideon

Gladstone gander


Go go tamago

Rabbit (Remake-cept)

Tony and joe



Mater (Remake-cept)

Sheriff of nottingham

Bill cipher*

Bing bong



March hare

Kermit the frog

Fozzie bear


Chip and dale

Emperor kuzco*

Dipper pines*

Terry and Terri

Yao, Ling and Chien Po


King candy/turbo

Statler and Waldorf

Cruz ramirez (remake-cept)

Dumbo and Timothy

Dr. Finkelstein

Brer fox and brer bear (suprise concept)

Heffalumps and Woozles


The Swedish Chef


Will turner

Jasper and horace

Lumiere (remake-cept)

Carl Fredricksen (contest entry)


Prince john

Professor Z

King triton

Stanley pines

Duke weaselton

Pain and panic


Shere khan


Chick Hicks


Charles Muntz

Chicken little

Tank Gang


Duff killigan

unlikey concepts

Amy rose (Remake-cept)


Patrick star(spongebob squarepants)

Sans the skeleton(undertale)

Homer Simpson (remade)

K. Rool(donkey Kong series)

Master frown(lego’s/unikitty)

Jevil (Remake-cept)

Squidward tentacles(spongebob squarepants)

Flowey/asriel dreemur(undertale)


Gargamel(the smurfs)

Shantae(shantae series)

Shen(kung fu panda)

Fred Flintstone(the Flintstones)

Lola bunny(space jam)

Banjo and kazooie*

Marx (remake-cept)

Paper mario and huey (paper mario games)*

Bandana dee(kirby series)

Mojo jojo(the powerpuff girls)

Waluigi (Remake-cept)

Spongebob squarepants


Werner Werman(cuphead)*

C3P0 and R2D2 (star wars)

Daffy duck (looney tunes)


Captain deadbeard

King George III

Dr. Evil

Frosty the snowman

Elmer Fudd

Wallace and gromit (contest entry)

Mr. Burns



Donkey kong

Diddy kong

Speedy Gonzales

Wile-E coyote

Egghead Jr

C-train (self-concept)

Foghorn the invincible


Zoot suit daffy

Star pharoah Marvin

Marvin the Martian

Don Henery

Tweety and Sylvester

Kung food

Revenant Road Runner

Simon says


Alchemist frankenbeans

Contraptionist egghead

Hippety Hopper

Rocket coyote

Groundskeeper willie

Principal skinner

Foxy the pirate fox


King dice

October concepts

Beppi the clown

Devil cookie

Plants vs Zombies 2 Series (cancelled)

Bonk choy

Pea pod

Monsters inc concept series

Abominable snowman

Needleman and Smitty


Mr. Waternoose

Cookie Run: Ovenbreak Concepts

Captain ice cookie

White choco cookie

Cinnamon Cookie

Cookie Run Ocean

Sorbet shark cookie

Salt cookie

Soda cookie

Mocha ray cookie

this post will be constantly updated…so keep a lookout for new concepts coming soon from yours truly! Goodbye!

*If a concept has a , it means that the concept will be remade


Awesome! Neat way to organize!

Why everyone hates Sora? (It’s because I wanted to see someone who can do a concept creative of Sora)

Just search it up in the forums and find several people who make a concept of him.

Or maybe you can ask @C-train to make a concept of him.

I am actually taking requests for concepts right now!!!

So ask away and I’ll see what I can do


Thank you so much

I don’t really care

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added the concepts I made for kuzco, dipper pines and terri and terry

Added robbies concept to the list

New cookie run series is on the way…just need to find someone to collab with since I’m new to the cookie run game itself


Hmmm…I’m interested…

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Cookie Run concept series poll (vote if you want to)

Who do you guys want me to do first for the cookie run concept series

  • White choco cookie
  • Cookiedroid
  • Captain ice cookie
  • Roll cake cookie

0 voters

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If you ever need help with the cookie run concepts, I can be assistance. :wink:

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I’ll pm you if I need help :slight_smile:


Added the concepts for king candy and the two old men in the balcony

Plus some announcements

October is coming up, so expect some villain concepts from me (I’m not bringing back obscuroween because that was a failure…unless it gets turned into a October concept contest…which is unlikely)

The gravity falls concept series is coming back as soon as I finish the requested concept on cruz ramirez

not sure if I can continue with the cookie run series…Don’t know who would make a good subject for a concept…hoping it doesn’t suffer the same fate as the PVZ 2 concept series

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I’m always there for any assistance, @C-train

Added both my cruz ramirez and dumbo concepts

A very special pixar concept series is coming in October…does anyone want to pair up with me for the upcoming series??

What series is it?

A pixar concept series

Pixar in general or something specific

Pixar…in general

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