A shark of the ocean (CR Ocean series 4/10)

Sorbet shark cookie


1 star, mid-line damage


Although he is a bit slow, sorbet shark cookie still tries his best on the battlefield


Entrance: sorbet shark cookie swims into his position in his sorbet shark form then he transforms into his normal form and pulls out his telescope

Victory: he waves wildly to the camera while looking into his telescope

Defeat: he falls on his back as his eyes turn to swirls and spin

Basic attack: sorbet shark cookie looks at the closest enemy with his telescope, studying that enemy for 5 seconds


White: sorbet shark

Passive: sorbet shark cookie movement and attack speeds are decreased by 50% but his attack power is increased by 50% as well throughout each wave

Helmsman will fights alongside sorbet shark cookie until it is ko’ed, Helmsman will has X HP but cannot attack enemies until sorbet shark cookies green skill

Active: Sorbet shark cookie transforms into a sorbet shark, then he rushes through all enemies while a current of water appears, this deals X damage to each enemy the sorbet shark passes through while also increasing sorbet shark cookies movement speed by 100% for 10 seconds after he gets back into position.

Green: Take the helm

Helmsman will (sorbet shark cookies pet) flys into the enemy lines while spinning fast, dealing X damage to all enemies and knocking any enemy in front of it back.

Blue: ocean savior

Whenever an ally is about to be ko’ed, sorbet shark cookie saves the ally from harm which heals the ally for X amount, cleanses all debuffs they have and speeds up the ally by 60%

Purple: Bubble noises

Sorbet shark cookie now gains a permanent speed boost whenever he ko’s an enemy with “sorbet shark”

Red: Sunken treasure

“Take the helm” now gives sorbet shark cookie X energy per second per amount of damage dealt to foes

All attacks done to allies are now redirected to sorbet shark cookie for 12 seconds whenever he uses “ocean savior”
+X damage to “sorbet shark”
+X armor
+X skill power


Sorbet shark cookie/Moana
Friendly creatures
faster when threatened

Sorbet shark cookie is now 70% more faster when below 30% of his health.

Sorbet shark cookie/Peppermint cookie
Beyond the horizon
“sorbet shark” slows enemies

“Sorbet shark” now slows enemies movements by 75% for 5 seconds.

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