A simple question

What teams are good with Minnie?

Charmers are her best allies. Goofy and Hades could also help her. Nick and Meg are a good help as well.

Goofy (Je) - More damage to blinded enemies

Hades (Me; at Red) - DOT is stronger

Nick (at Red) - Grants 35% of SP per ally and charmed enemy

Meg - I think you already know her legacy. But then she has her charms

If I remember correctly, you’re still at a level that doesn’t have Red Skills, right?

Going off of that and also assuming you don’t have either of her disks since she was added so recently, her main strengths are a charm that’s stronger early on and a team-wide blind for a few seconds.
She could fit with Powerline and Goofy (Je) for a Blind composition with a variety of disables, which would make WALL-E (Da) good for extending them and helping Powerline to get his white off more frequently to rack up some crazy damage. Rapunzel or Joy could be added in the empty slot for healing.
On the flip side, Flynn R. (Ra) with enough stars on the disk and/or Meg (Al) could work with her and the Mad Hatter (Ra) to abuse charms. Flynn could be replaced with Piggy for some needed damage, and Rapunzel is needed for support if you’re facing lineups that have hardy or can resist charms.

I might not recommend using any of these for Arena, but they could work well as a Coli team. :slight_smile:


Also Mad Hatter (Ra) is a staple for charm teams. It makes charmed enemies move faster and completely chokes their energy gain. Blind teams would also work due to her perfume.

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Hopefully, this will give you an idea.

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