A song that never ends(Bambi likely concept)


A forest deer, Bambi supports his allies with a spark of nature.

Quote: nothing lasts forever,but something special can last a lifetime.


Stars: :star2:

Position: back

Trial: red


Entrance: Bambi runs into battle but then accidentally falls he then gets up.
giphy (57)

Victory: Bambi plays around
giphy (60)

Defeat: Bambi gets scared and sits down.

Basic attack: a raindrop falls on to a random enemy.


White skill: catch a butterfly

A butterfly will get on to Bambi’s tail this heals all Allies x and gives them x skill power.
giphy (58)

Green skill: playing around

Bambi will attempt to be brave this charms the closest enemy for 7 seconds
giphy (59)
giphy (56)

Blue skill: a bit of rain

Fantastic damage :sparkles:

Every three basic attacks Bambi’s basic attack will deal x splash damage.

Purple skill: something special

Catch a butterfly heals allies a additional x.

The additional heal has a chance to fail against allies above level x.

Red skill: a little wonder

Allies healed by catch a butterfly will also gain x energy x reality and 2 stacks of hardy.

The stacks of hardy have a chance to fail on allies above level x.

Additional stat boost

  • X max HP
  • X max basic damage
  • X max reality


Bambi/ maximus

Campaign: far from home

Memories: a deer’s way home

  • X max armor
  • X max skill
  • Enemies charmed by Bambi will grant Bambi’s allies x armor.

Allies: Judy hopps, Angel, Tigger

Bambi / Olaf

Campaign: that time of year

Memories: in the snow

  • X max damage to a bit of rain
  • X max basic damage by x
  • Longer charms

hope you enjoyed!

Also yes this was the hint :deer: :rainbow:


I am now taking request to

Me when I read the first portion of the thread name:

No! No! No! No!

Me when I read the second portion of the thread name:

Oh, phew.


This is a great concept, I want Bambi to be added, hopefully he will be here in future updates!

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I hope he’s added to!

Along with the other classics such as Pinocchio, dumbo, Ichabod and Mr toad etc

I wish they added Ariel or like someone else from little mermaid


I don’t get why they didn’t add Ariel yet.

Why did they add Ursula first? :rage: :rage:

Perblue likes to add Villains before the main characters

Still that’s no excuse not to add Ariel.

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I agree Spooky

Yzma… Maleficent… Scar… Hades… They were all added before the heroes…

Im not saying not add villains, I’m saying, take Kim for example, we had been waiting forever for her. Same for Ariel, except she hasn’t shown up!

I know. I understand this. But I really don’t care about most Princess Movies… :upside_down_face::princess: I want Lumiere, PATF Characters, Gothel

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PATF? laugh out loud

They’ll all come eventually

Why? :thinking: This movie is amazing! And the characters would really fit!

Hopefully! :upside_down_face:

Especially Louis and Tiana!

No, I mean, what does that stand for? Oh wait nevermind lol

I made a Louis & Ray concept in September, did you ever see it?

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