A Toucan and a Bulldog (Unlikely Concept)

Name: Rafael and Luiz


Quote: “You think too much! Fly! It’s not what you think up here.”

Description: Luiz and Rafael take off into battlefield. Luiz barks and slobbers all over enemies, while Rafael helps out his allies.

Role: Tank

Position: Mid

Stars: :star:

Team: Red

Basic Attack: (See Skill #1 for info.)

Victory: Rafael balances happily on Luiz, while he happily looks up.

Defeat; Luiz falls over sadly, while Rafael comforts him.

White Skill: Slobbery Stray

R & L Skill #1

Passive: Rafael will always start off combat on top of Luiz. If Luiz is knocked back, Rafael will fall off. While knocked back, Rafael enters combat with X HP and Luiz with X HP. While knocked back, the two will not be able to use “Slobbery Stray” until Rafael flys back on top of Luiz after 6 seconds.

Active: Luiz runs past enemies, slobbering all over the battlefield, dealing X damage to enemies hit and reducing their attack speed by 35% for 12 seconds.

Damage Type: :sparkles: Fantastic Damage

The slow has a chance to fail if enemies are above level X.

Green Skill: Wild Wings

Rafael hops off Luiz and flys frontward, causing two gusts of wind to appear, dealing X damage and knocking 3 enemies back.

Damage Type: :sparkles: Fantastic Damage

Blue Skill: Carnival Craziness

Luiz dons his Carnival outfit, making all allies Energized for 12 seconds. Allies energized by Rafael and Luiz gain 70 energy when they basic attack.

The Energize has a chance to fail if allies are above level X.

Purple Skill: Got you Good!

After “Slobbery Stray” has activated, slippery spit piles will appear on the battlefield. Enemies who step in these spit piles are dealt X damage and are sapped for 10 seconds.

Damage Type: :sparkles: Fantastic Damage

The sap has a chance to fail if enemies are above level X.

Red Skill: Bulldog Boost

While Rafael is on Luiz’s back, allies will gain 50 energy every 5 seconds.

The energy gain has a chance to fail if allies are above level X.


Luiz & Rafael/Blu & Jewel

Disk Name: Groove Moves

Disk Symbol: A bright & colorful boombox.

Campaign Title: A Night of Song and Dance

Campaign Description: Blu & Jewel need the help of Rafael and Luiz to put on a city dance competiton.

Allies: Mushu, Powerline, Hank & Dory

Turn Basic Damage into Shields

  • +X Basic Damage to Rafael & Luiz and Allies

  • +X Max HP to Rafael & Luiz and Allies

  • When “Carnival Craziness” activates, all allies receives 40% (+40% more per star) of that ally’s basic damage as a shield that lasts 10 seconds

Rafael & Luiz/Baloo

Disk Name: Fruit for Thought

Disk Symbol: A Papaya

Campaign Title: Food Chain

Campaign Description: Baloo works with Rafael & Luiz to help him find some new fruits for his hunt.

Allies: Mr. Big, Pleakley, Jasmine

Enemy Reflect Countermeasures

  • -X Skill Power to enemies with Reflect

  • +X Armor

  • If allies take damage through reflect, 20% (+20% more per star) of the damage taken by Reflect will instead be healed for 30% (+30% more HP per star level) of their Max HP

Which disk do you use?

Which Disk?
  • Blu & Jewel
  • Baloo

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A concept on nigel could be made the villian of both rio and rio 2

Do expect a Nigel and Gabi concept coming really soon. Not immediately, but as soon as I have time.

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