A very small animal - Piglet hero concept

Hello, I’m back in the concept world with this new concept of Piglet. Enjoy!

Piglet hero concept

Piglet tries to be brave to protect his allies and charms his enemies

“It’s awfully hard to be brave when you’re such a small animal.”

Role : Tank

Position : Frontline

Trial team : Red :red_square:

Stars : :star2:

Entrance : Walks softly fearfully, then screams
Victory : He claps his hands
Defeat : He faints
Basic attack : see passive


:white_circle: White skill : Panic

:sparkles: Fantastic damage
Passive : Instead of having a basic attack, Piglet worries, granting himself a shield of X HP during 2 seconds.

Active : Piglet screams and fidgets in all directions, increasing the armor and reality of all allies by X. He then runs through enemies, dealing X damage to them. He then returns to its original place.

:green_circle: Green skill : flight with butterflies

:fist: Normal damage
Butterflies come to take Piglet, then fly away through enemies dealing X damage and knocking them back. They then put Piglet back in its original place.

:large_blue_circle: Blue skill : A cute small animal

Piglet smiles, charming all the ennemies during 7 seconds and granting X basic damage to his allies.

:purple_circle: Purple skill : A bit of courage

When Piglet has a healing effect over time, he is immune to disables.

This can fail if the level of Piglet is higher than X.

:red_circle: Red skill : Sharing

When Piglet or his allies receive a buff, they share it with a random ally.

“A cute small animal” heals Piglet for X HP during 5 seconds.

The sharing of buffs may fail if the level of the ally receiving the buff is higher than X.

+X HP max
+X skill power
+X damage for "panic"


Winnie the Pooh

Where is Christopher Robin?
"Panic" applies stacks of Fatigue

  • Ennemies with stacks of Fatigue loose X skill power per level.

  • "Panic" applies 1 stack of Fatigue to ennemies per star.

  • Allies : Eeyore, Tigger and Basil.

Li Shang

Courage training
More powerful charmed enemies.

  • Charmed ennemies earn X basic damage per level.

  • Attack speed of charmed enemies is increased by 15% per star.

  • Allies : Fear, Rex, Mushu

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Don’t forget to consult my previous concept!


Feedback is appreciated


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Use this format : Mufasa - The Lion King - Heros_Porcinet_XCIX


Nice all round character (in damage, but also CC and support)!!!

Love the friendship with Pooh!! It combines fatigue as a thing that Pooh has and in-game stats. Which is funny!


Just a tip, not a nitpick, but you can say “increases the armor and reality of all allies by X” to be less wordy. :slightly_smiling_face:

This kind of thing is better suited to red skills, maybe you could swap it with the disable immunity while healed over time?

The Mad Hatter’s Rafiki disk already does this (and to greater effect).

Good concept. :grin::+1:

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Firstly, thanks for all your advices! :grin:



Oh, i’ll be more careful next time.

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Its orginal concept and maybe he will be added knowing that pooh tigger and eeyore are all in

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