Abusing The Flag Button

Yeah, that’s not true. Regulars have access to better flags(which I don’t think is fair), but we don’t have flags that can instantly take down a post. That ability is exclusive to Polaris and the other Per Blue employees. It doesn’t say “the majority”. It says “the community”. Most Regulars are actually pretty cool people, so most of them don’t abuse power.

@Polaris I think this is a perfect example of why the Regulars should not have better flags. The community seems to fear us, and giving us more power than them will only make the problem worse.


You aren’t completely right. As it turns out Regulars can flag a person’s post with one flag if they are trust level 0 (New). But yeah…

Actually, I am completely right. I never said they can’t instantly flag a post, I said they can’t instantly take down a post. They’re different things dude.

@TheSpaghettiKing First of all, dislike is different than hate, hate is to have no tolerance & dislike is to have some tolerance. Second of all, I don’t even talk trash about the character(s) I decide to talk about. My focus has & always will be to correct a person on WHAT EXACTLY their favorite hero is known to do that could be used for combat.

I’ve done this with Alice in Wonderland, Cinderalla, Cars & some a couple of others.

In fact, you should check out my Wander concept, I really dislike this orange fuzzball of annoyance & still made a better hero concept than some of His fans.

But why do that? I figured if I contributed to getting Wander in, then Sylvia’s chances would increase as well.

Sorry if that sounds misleading and/or confusing but that is the con of using text over voice.

I’ve said this in other places, but I can put it here too: All flags that are made by players are put into a queue and reviewed by me. I agree or disagree - players have a score that goes up when they get a flag right, and goes down if they get a flag wrong. If someone is truly abusing the flagging system, I do remove their ability to flag posts.


It doesn’t matter if you “contribute to getting a character in”(which actually doesn’t do all that much because Per Blue doesn’t take concepts off of the forum at all), you’re still pretty rude. You’re focus may be to tell people what their character could be used for, but if people can’t tell that from all the “dislike” you spit at their work, there’s no point in having that focus at all. You may not talk trash about the characters, but you definitely talk trash about the person who made them and the concept itself.

I’m not rude, people tend to only like their characters getting attention that says something along the lines of " BES CHARTAR EBUR, EYE WUB EM’ EEYESSSS" AB EM’ TOOO DA GAAAM DISNAY".

I know Disney & Perblue don’t care about this place. Ststem the mod bot with -9,000 IQ wouldn’t be here if they cared.

I don’t think you read your own posts.

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That was just an exaggerated example of what people tend to want their favorites treated like.

If I were to say that I didn’t like a character & give constructive ideas towards said disliked character, I’d get flagged because people have feelings.

Feeling are like glass… Easy to break but very difficult to leave unharmed.

Once again, you prove incapable of finding any fault in yourself. Stop blaming other people, and then mocking and insulting them. I have also yet to see any of said constructive ideas out of you, all you’ve ever done is say you hate said character and suggest a crappy change, at best.

And mocking them like that isn’t rude? Maybe you don’t intend to be rude, but you definitely come across as such.

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This is the 2nd true time I was actually rude. The 1st one was awhile back ago. This time rudeness was used to set a good example.

The good example being what goes on the inside the mind of a good amount of people who spectate here. Not to be confuse those who spectate with those who commentate.

You got the number wrong, it’s actually the 141st (soon to be 142nd) time.

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Lol, very clever!

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@PawpsicleSticks No bro, I’ll admit fault whenever people actually find my weakspot, point it out & not falsely flag me like they have been. The flagging system was NOT invented for some salty people to report others just because somebody didn’t like their character as much they would’ve hoped for.

Quit trying to blame other people- every time you’ve been flagged was your own fault, whether you like it or not.

I’m not blaming anybody, I don’t name anybody, I don’t speculate who is after me. I’m just saying there are peolle who get offended way too easily & for all the wrong reasons. It has been happening in the irl world & now the internet seems to be replicating the same messed up behavior.

The world used to & still should allow you to diislike a character & provide advice on them no matter how much you like/dislike them.

You aren’t “providing advice”, you’re just saying you hate the character and rudely saying what they did is wrong and it should be changed to something else (which is always worse)

But since there’s no way to get anything through your hollow skull, please close this thread, @Polaris. All it is at this point is an argument, and not a civil one.

“I’m not blaming anybody, but people are way to easily offended.”

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