Add a tank prize wall reptillus maximus is here for hire

“Battling is our life”

Stars 1

Frontline tank.

Red team.

Entrance: reprillus maxiums jumps epically out of his box into action.

Victory: Maximus puts his battle weapon up and triumphantly yells.

Defeat: Rwptillus Maximus weeps.

Basic attack: see skill one.

White skill smashing combo.

Passive: Reptillus Maximus does a jab with his mace, swings upward and jumps dealing an added 5% max health damage and goes back down with downward slash dealing an additional 40% of his armor as added true damage. Also whenever he completes a combo he gains a stack of battle which increases his attack speed and reality and max health by 10% per stack. He has a 30% chance to lose 1-2 stacks when he is damaged. Active: Reptillus Maximus charges a throw and throws his mace which rickochetes through all of his enemies dealing x normal damage per hit also inflicting shatter it richochetes and extra 1-3 times per time this attack crits. Reptillus maximus has a 50% chance to gain a tack of battle per enemy hits.

Green skill Goliath charge

Reptillus Maximus sends the Goliath biter to charge through enemies dealing x fantastic damage and stunning the 2 front most ones for 9 seconds.

Blue skill Battlesaur soul.

Whenever Reptillus Maximus falls to 0 hitpoints and you have at least 2 support hero Allies reptillus revives with 100% max health and gains 100-255% more max health this skill can only trigger up to 3 times per wave and whenever you complete a wave, if this skill was already triggered reptiles only keeps 65% of the current max health he had. Reptillus Maximus also deals an additional x fantastic damage with smashing combo and deals 10% of his max health as true damage with his basic attack and white skill. Reprillus Maximus also gains 4 stacks of battle whenever he is revived

Purple skill time for battle

Reptillus maximus stuns all enemies for 3 seconds whenever he crits and whenever an enemy is stunned reptillus maximus gains 10% skill power and x more max health. Reptillus maximus also has 20% more basic damage and skill power and x more armor and reality per stunned enemy. Whenever an enemy loses stunned he gains 65% more crit damage for the rest of the wave and distracts for 10 seconds.

The stun with the basic attack has a chance to fail against enemies above level x.

Red skill extra combo.

Reprillus maximus deals an additional 5% max health damage to all enemies per stack of battle he has.

Reptillus maximus has a 25% chance to add up his combo with a ground pounding quake stunning all enemies for 10 seconds and shattering and piercing them until they lose stun the shatter cannot be negated.

Goliath charge also deals double damage to enemies that are already stunned.

The quake has a chance to fail against enemies above level x.

Battle badge charged when the enemy team is stunned at once.

Increases max health damage by x%
Additional x max health.

Double skill power.

Friendship with Tweetysaurus Rex unlikely hero concept

Reptillus meets Rex and is happy to see a fellow dinosæur.

Disk is called Mesozoic punch.

Reptillus maximus heals by x hp per second.

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But I wish for him to be in the game.

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