Tweetysaurus Rex unlikely hero concept

Stars 3

Backline damage

Yellow team

Entrance: Tweetysaurus Rex bursts from an outhouse.

Victory: Tweetysaurus Rex roars.

Defeat: Tweetysaurus Rex puts his claws down and frowns then disappears

Basic attack: Tweetysaurus Rex calls a boulder to fall down damaging an enemy.

White skill Cenozoic stomp

Passive: Whenever Tweetysaurus Rex defeats an enemy he gains a stack of frenzy all ally damage heroes also gain a stack of frenzy whenever a hero uses a white skill all heroes lose a stack of frenzy. Each stack of frenzy grants + 30% basic damage attack speed and crit damage but - 5% armor.

Active: Tweetysaurus Rex chomps all of the enemies dealing x fantastic damage to them deals an extra 5% max health damage per stack of frenzy on Tweetysaurus. Tweetysaurus Rex also loses 4 stacks of frenzy.

Green skill extra sharp teeth

Tweetysaurus Rex roars granting your team 1 stack of frenzy and healing them for x health.

Blue skill devolving screech

Whenever Tweetysaurus Rex loses 20% of his max health he snares all enemies for 10 seconds and they lose x armor and skill power for 12 seconds.

The snare and the skill power loss has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Purple skill Primal instincts.

All ally heroes start with 2 stacks of frenzy and Tweetysaurus Rex has 20% more crit damage per 2 stacks in total on your team.

The stacks of frenzy has a chance to fail against Allies above level x

Red skill jaws of the apex predator

Tweetysaurus Rex deals x true damage to all enemies whenever he uses a basic attack while having 5 or more stacks of frenzy. Cenozoic stomp also applies shatter and pierce to all enemies for 6 seconds.

All enemies have a 5% chance to instantly die when hit by a basic attack from this hero per stack of frenzy.

Battle badge activates when Tweetysaurus has 7 or more stacks of frenzy

X max health increase

X skill power increase

Wnergized for 10 seconds.

Friendship with simba and nala

Tweetysaurus tries to eat the puddy tats

Friendship disk Puddys can’t hide or run.

Whenever Tweetysaurus Rex is defeated revive with 50% max hp and gain 4 stacks of frenzy.

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I just have something to say, 1. When you post the Tweetysaurus Rex picture, you posted like, his skills as well, and 2. Can you make the Neanderthal Bugs concept

I do not want to make more worlds most unlikely concepts also or can make the Neanderthal bugs concept.

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Sure, and i quit making concepts already, red skill is too frustrating. Could be making more

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