Aladdin's Sultan Concept

The Sultan from Aladdin is here!

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Team: Blue
Initial Stars: :star2:
Role: Control
Position: Frontline

Basic Attack: The Sultan attacks the enemy with his sword, dealing X damage to the enemy.

White Skill, Elephant Order: The Sultan calls the elephants into the field. These pass over enemies, dealing X normal damage per elephant to them. The initial number of elephants is X, which increases by X elephant each time, until the end of the fight.

Green Skill, King’s Monarchy: The Sultan conjures his throne out of thin air and mounts it, applying a stack of “King” to all enemies.

A stack of “King” corresponds to a loss of X% HP per second for X seconds.

This application can fail on enemies above level 1.

Blue Ability, Guarded Hello: The Sultan says hello to his allies, giving them a shield of X HP.

Purple Ability, Basic Might: For every X Basic Attacks, the Sultan gains X basic damage, stacking until the end of the battle.

Red Ability, The Shield’s King: “King’s Monarchy” now also stuns enemies for X seconds.

“Elephant Order” now deals X additional normal damage per elephant and applies a stack of “King” to all enemies.

"Guarded Hello " now also gives the Sultan’s allies an additional shield of X HP.

  • X Skill Power
  • X Basic Damage
  • X Maximum HP

I hope you liked this concept.

PS: I will complete the concept in the next days.

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