Aladdin's Sultan's Likely Hero Concept (N.1) [Refreshed]

Hi everyone! Today I present you The Sultan from Aladdin!


Team: Blue
Stars: :star2:
Role: Control
Position: Front-Line


Description: He has a prince as an ally, a daughter as a friend, and a vizier as an enemy… The Sultan is here to protect his people, and encourage his allies.

Quote: “Well, am I Sultan or am I Sultan?”


Entrance: The Sultan enters with his elephant, then the elephant goes away.
Victory: The Sultan smiles and claps his hands.
Defeat: The Sultan falls on the ground.


Basic Attack: The Sultan attacks the enemy with his sword, dealing X damage to the closest enemy.

White Skill, Elephant Order: Normal Damage
The Sultan calls the elephants into the field. These pass over the enemies, dealing X normal damage to each enemy hit by them, stunning and silencing them for X seconds.

If the elephants hit at least one Tank or Control Hero, then The Sultan increases his Evasion by X for X seconds.

Green Skill, King’s Monarchy:
The Sultan conjures his throne out of thin air and mounts it, applying a stack of “King” to all the enemies, decreasing their Skill Power and their Basic Damage by X for X seconds.

A stack of “King” corresponds to a loss of X percent HP per second for X seconds.

Blue Skill, Guarded Hello:
The Sultan says hello to his allies, giving them a shield of X HP for X seconds, increasing their attack and movement speeds by X percent for X seconds, energizing them for X seconds and cleansing them.

Purple Skill, Basic Might:
Everytime he uses “Guarded Hello”, The Sultan gains X Armor and X Reality for X seconds.

Whenever he has more than X debuffs, The Sultan cleanses himself and stuns the closest enemy for X seconds.

Red Skill, The Shield’s King: Normal/True Damage
Now “King’s Monarchy” decreases all the enemies’ Tenacity by X for X seconds and increases The Sultan’s attack and movement speeds by X percent for X seconds

Now “Elephant Order” deals X additional normal damage per elephant, applies a stack of “King” to all the enemies, and also deals X true damage to all the enemies that were already stunned.

  • X Skill Power
  • X Basic Damage
  • X Normal Damage to “Elephant Order”


It Recharges:

  • When the stun hits X enemies

If Recharged:

  • X Basic Damage
  • X Reality
  • Invincibility for X seconds


Jasmine: “A Daughter Like a Sultan”

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The Sultan wants Jasmine to be the future queen, so he trains her.


  • X Skill Power
  • X Armor
  • X Reality to Allies and The Sultan
  • Every time the Sultan uses “Guarded Hello”, the allies get X Basic Damage for X seconds.


  • When The Sultan uses for X times “King’s Monarchy”, he increases his attack and movement speeds by X percent for X seconds

Allies: Aladdin, Robin Hood, Rapunzel

King Triton: “A King Under the Sea”

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King Triton, by a spell of Ursula, turns into a human, so he exit the sea. While walking until his death, he meets the Sultan, which will help him.


  • The enemies lose X Reality for every buff on The Sultan’s team
  • The Sultan gains X Skill Power for every stack of “King” applied on the enemies
  • X Evasion
  • X Skill Power to Allies


  • Every X seconds, The Sultan gains X stacks of “Hardy”
  • The Shield from “Guarded Hello” is active for X additional seconds

Allies: Slinky, John Silver, Robin Hood

I hope you liked this Likely Hero Concept!

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What can I do as the next concept?

  • Isabela Madrigal (Likely)
  • Lightning McQueen (Unlikely)
  • Cuphead (Unlikely)
  • Robin (Unlikely)

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Isabela Madrigal wins the Provisional Round! Now, vote for the REAL next concept that I can do!

  • Isabela Madrigal - Encanto (Likely)
  • Lightning McQueen - Cars (Unlikely)
  • Cuphead - The Cuphead Show (Unlikely)
  • Robin - Teen Titans Go (Unlikely)

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Isabela Madrigal is the next hero concept that I will do!

This Likely Hero Concept is now in my Hero Concepts’ List!

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