Update 2.4.10 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 2.4.10

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 2.4.10 Update! This release features Fear from Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out, and a Hero Refresh for Dr Facilier!


  • New! Hero Fear from Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out!
  • Hero Refresh for Dr Facilier!



Fear is a back-line ”Support” hero. Fear will be available in Diamond Crates.


Full Out Panic

Passive: Instead of a basic attack, Fear gets more anxious, gaining stacks of Dread. Fear is also always Scared but grants himself and allies armor per stack of Dread he has. Lastly, when Fear or an ally receive more than a percent of their max HP as damage in a single hit, Fear gains stacks of Dread.

Active: Fear panics and flails through enemies, dealing damage and stunning enemies. Fear deals more damage and stuns enemies longer per stack of Dread he has.

Dreadful Scream
Whenever Fear reaches a number of stacks of Dread, he releases a scream, dealing damage to all enemies and scaring them. After Fear uses “Dreadful Scream”, he removes a number of stacks of Dread.

Extra Protection

Fear tosses a helmet to a number of allies with the least HP, granting them a shield. Heroes with this shield cannot be disabled.

What Was That?

Fear and his allies take less damage from crits and super crits per stack of Dread Fear has.

Look Out!

The first few Disables that are blocked by the shield from “Extra Protection” are sent back at the enemy that attempted to apply them. Disables include Charms, Freezes, Stuns, Blinds, and Silences. Fear and his allies are immune to Freezes for the first few seconds of each wave.


  • Fear and Anger
  • Fear and Rex

Hero Refresh - Dr. Facilier!

Dr. Facilier

It’s time again for another Hero Refresh. For 2.4.10, we’re refreshing Dr. Facilier himself! Dr. Facilier is adept at constantly applying a variety of debuffs and locking down one enemy for a long duration while protecting himself with his active skill. With these changes, we wanted to lean into Dr. Facilier’s ability to rapidly debuff enemies and make his shield more mechanically unbreakable. Take a look!

Base Stats

  • Increased Max HP
  • Increased Basic Damage
  • Increased Skill Power


Seeing Green

Dr. Facilier places a totem on the closest enemy, turning them into a frog. He also applies a shield to himself. When the shield is destroyed, the enemy will turn back into their original form. Dr. Facilier’s totem cannot be avoided or reduced by evasion, tenacity, or dodges.

  • Increased shield HP
  • Removed the duration on the shield
  • The transformation on this skill cannot be avoided by evasion, tenacity, or dodges

The Cards Will Tell

Dr. Facilier throws 3 tarot cards at random enemies, dealing damage with each card. Each card also decreases the enemy’s attack speed, silences them, or stuns them.

  • Increased damage

Shadow Strike

Dr. Facilier sends out one of his friends from the other side to strike the enemy with the most HP, dealing damage and stunning them. If Dr. Facilier KO’s an enemy with this skill, the remaining cooldown of this skill is reduced to 0 seconds.

  • Increased damage
  • Increased stun duration
  • If this skill KO’s an enemy, the cooldown resets to 0 seconds

Conjuring a Curse

Whenever Dr. Facilier damages an enemy with one of his skills or basic attacks, they are Cursed.

  • Increased Curse duration

Tip of the Hat

Enemies damaged by “The Cards Will Tell” are also Sapped. When Dr. Facilier Curses an enemy, the remaining cooldown of “The Cards will Tell” is reduced. Dr. Facilier’s attack speed is increased while shielded by “Seeing Green.”

  • Increased sap duration
  • Increased attack speed increase duration
  • When Dr. Facilier Curses an enemy, the remaining duration of “The Cards Will Tell” is reduced
  • Increased passive stat boosts of basic damage, skill power, and shield HP to “Seeing Green”

Dr. Facilier’s Memory Disks

“Queen of the Other Side” from Maleficent

  • Increased reality to Dr. Facilier and allies per memory disk level
  • Increased basic damage per memory disk level
  • Increased attack speed reduction to Damage role enemies per memory disk star level
  • Increased damage to “Shadow Snake” as a percent of enemies’ basic damage per memory disk star level

“Cold-Blooded Style” from Jafar

  • Increased skill power per memory disk level
  • Increased basic damage per memory disk level
  • The shield from Dr. Facilier’s active skill heals a percent of the max shield HP every few seconds
  • Removed active skill shield duration increase

Changes to Feature Unlock Levels (Server 22 only)

  • Unlock levels for many features and game modes have been reduced.
  • Chapters, Trial difficulties, and port difficulties are no longer restricted by team level.
  • Guilds now unlock at team level 10, so any guilds with a join level at team level 15 will have that automatically changed to team level 10.
  • This is a change largely aimed at new players. We hope that by reducing some unlock levels that those new players will be able to engage with important aspects of Disney Heroes sooner. These changes are just on server 22 so we can test it out first.

Other Improvements

  • Changed the name of the Free Stamina Item to be Stamina Consumable
  • The Black Market will now refresh each time it’s found by the player
  • New difficulty levels for Port and Trials!

Bug Fixes

  • Hero fixes
    • Fixed an issue where Hank & Dory could end up behind the opponents
    • Fixed an issue where Sven could freeze opponents (specifically Anger) when Kristoff was KO’d
    • Fixed a number of issues with Guild War entrances
      • Powerline will now use his delayed entrance
      • Davy Jones chest will no longer appear off screen
    • Fixed an issue where Joy’s red skill wasn’t protecting all status effects from being removed.
    • Fixed an issue with Meg’s red skill where buffs were not correctly being passed through the link by her red skill
    • Fixed an issue where Kristoff’s purple skill could bypass tenacity
    • Fixed an issue on Manticore’s red skill where the chooser would pop up when she was KO’d
    • Ian’s shrink is a disable and is now working that way
  • Fixed an issue where some players were unable to unlock Super Hard difficulty in Heist
  • Fixed an issue where the number of challenges could display incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where the Patch Note challenge was counting battles won rather than individual NPCs defeated
  • Fixed the earn Cosmetic Points contest task so it will now provide points for completing cosmetic sets
  • The friend stamina item is now visible and usable from the items screen.
  • Fixed an error with the next week defense lineups in arena not updating correctly

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

Servers 1-22 Update

New Hero: Fear will only be available in Diamond Crates
Existing Hero: Kim Possible will be available in the Elite Campaign

This is a full app and server update that is currently planned for Tuesday, November 17


Now we have all emotions


Finally! Yeah, what do you think about Facilier Refresh?


But… why, why?!
He is already good…


But why? Why would you do that?


Inside Out


Why him, why not some of the older characters?




Should have been Mickey, but ok.



Overall: Ok update.


Dr. Facilier, cmon man give it to someone more deserving he is already good, DHBM maybe Olaf needs a refresh he does like NO damage and he’s a tank!


Facilier refresh… interesting choose… I feel it should have been Mike or Aladdin but still it seems like it will be a great refresh for him


Apart of the stupidest hero refresh ever (because who asked?), giant thanks fot these bug fixes :heart:


We’re still on the Cheshire Cat train then, I guess :man_shrugging::moneybag:

lol RIP Elsa

Sensible, thanks!


Well, Fear on Friday the 13th makes sense.


That fast? Why not other heroes that came in 2018?

This refresh is clearly just to stop a meta instead of introducing a new hero… which is good, but lame

Now I don’t have to wait :smile:


But this was fixed some time ago…


Lol. That’s right. Today is Friday the 13th.


You know, I’d think if it were to be a hero refresh, it would be on the older characters, like Violet, Ralph, etc. But, Basil would benefit most from a refresh.

YES! Now we have the full set from Inside Out!

Hm, this seems cool, too bad I’m not in server 22 lol.

NOOOOOOOOOOO, I don’t get to check this out yet!

YES! Now Kristoff isn’t annoying anymore (Too bad I can’t use him for permafreezing other arena teams lol)

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New heist difficultly will suck only giving 5k DP per heist… that is following the pattern of how much we get each mode… that doesn’t negate the fact that we need something like 700k+ DP to max a disk… seems bad only getting 5k


AND Dr Faciler got refreshed so…

Makes sense?

Also two more things:

  1. Faciler might be able to shut down Chesire with the unavoidable frog transformation.
  2. IDK if the Shrink being a disable is a good thing, but since it’s OP I guess so…
  3. Kristoff bug also got fixed but I don’t care.

I think this update is ehhhhh, Dr. Facilier will be to Op after this update, get nerfed and then go into the box of unwanted Toys… (toons.) Aside from this Fear is a great addition to the game, I’ll probably start work on him after disgust. :slightly_smiling_face:


This would have been better.

(Just saying)

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