Alice healing bug


I dont know if its true for arena but ive noticed it in invasion mode more so. When alice becomes enormous she heals and gains hp. After her timer runs out and she becomes small again she heals again as she is shrinking. At first i thought that was just because of her life increases while she is enormous but i managed to get her down to 1 hit while and she shrinks and heals 100% no matter how low her life is. Her white skill does not mention healing at the end of the enormous timer and i was curious if anyone else has experienced it.

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Oh, it’s not quite a bug. When she becomes Enormous, Alice heals a certain amount of HP and additionally gains more HP as a bonus, right? Well, when she goes back to normal size, she loses HP based on how much damage she sustained while enormous.

For the sake of simplicity, let me explain it like this:

Alice has 100 HP by default. When becomes Enormous, she adds 300 HP, giving her 400 HP for ten seconds. During that time, enemies will have to do more than 300 damage to actually dent her real HP. So if she reverts back with full HP, that means she wasn’t hurt enough while she was Enormous. Hope this explains it.


I thought that was the case too but like i said it doesnt matter how much life she has when she shrinks it is fully restored. 1% of 100k is 1k if i got her down to 1% of her hp when she shrinks she should only have 1k hp. I know 100k is probably not accurate but my point is still valid. If she has 30k max health while small there is no way she should be fully healed when she shrinks.


Well, as mentioned, the HP she has when she reverts back is a result of “over-heals” when she was Enormous. It’s the healing from eating the cookie PLUS leftover HP from being Enormous. The extra HP she gains exceeds her real HP greatly. So, that’s right, even bringing her down to 1%, she is effectively fully healed after growing. If she reverts back with full HP then that just means she just wasn’t damaged enough while Enormous and she’ll just repeat this cycle until she can be bursted down significantly while she’s big.


I understand what you are saying and as i have said that is not the case. I feel like you are a smart person and i appreciate you trying to explain what is supposed to happen. If you read my last statement i said i have gotten her down to 1% hp while big. This mean that any healing from becoming enormous has stopped. She then shrank and had full health. If she has 1k/100k hp when she is big then shrinks she should have 1k/34k as everyone else was dead and not able to heal her. The skill has no mention of healing twice.


Ah, I see now. I really understood now, so I ran some tests. I haven’t seen this being the issue in PvP, but I have noticed it during Invasion.

So, it seems, if Alice is the last one standing, we can only beat her by:

  1. KO while in regular size
  2. KO while Enormous

Failing to KO her before or during her Enormous state will fully heal her. Ok, I see what’s happening here now and that’s just fishy. I’ve used Alice in Invasion before, but mind you, she’s 2-stars and not fully invested. She seems to perform normally in my Invasion team. HOWEVER, this issue that you brought up I’ve only noticed from enemy Alice in Invasion. Yeah, this seems like a problem.

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It’s making invasion after breaker 60 really hard, even in PVP she deals too much damage as support hero.
Finnick’s slows are even worst now, thanks.


This is exactly right. That is the issue that i am having. Rn i am on breaker 115 and the only way i have been able to defeat her so far is with mals forest of thorns and a lot of dmg before its over. Mals jack disk really helps. Until they fix it.


Ursula (20 Characters)


Resurrecting this because I am seeing similar problems. Alice is the only creep left in a breaker battle. She turns huge, I damage her roughly 60%-70%. Then while staying huge, she heals all that damage.

Here’s a video of it Alice Healing Glitch

@Polaris I filed a support ticket on this

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Update 1.9.2 Patch Notes