Ami De L’avion (Contest Submission)

Submission for @Scarlet_Captain’s 3rd Grand Concept Contest!


Source: Bloons Tower Defense 6

This high tech hero can peruse enemies wherever they go with his remote controlled arsenal of drones.



Trial Team: Blue

Role: Damage

Position: Back

Stars: :star:


Entrance: Walks into position and gets his controller out, activating his drone (he does not move from this position)

Basic Attack: See Passive

Victory: Gives a thumbs up

Defeat: Gets stressed as his controller gets an error


White Skill: Drone Swarm (Normal Damage)
Passive: Etienne doesn’t attack himself, but controls a deadly little drone to fly towards and target the closest enemy. They have X HP and deal Y damage per basic attack. They cannot be targeted but receive 50% of the damage Etienne receives. Every 10 seconds, Etienne summons another drone to target the same enemy. Up to 4 of these drones can be summoned at any time, and carry over per wave. Etienne also controls a UAV drone, granting himself Precise for the entire battle. The Precise buff cannot be removed or copied, and all of Etienne’s drones will be affected by his buffs and still attack enemies if he is disabled.

Active: Etienne launches 4 more temporary drones to wreck some havoc on the enemies for 8 seconds. They deal 40% less damage but attack 25% faster, and cannot be damaged or targeted. Each drone targets the enemy with the most HP, the enemy with the least HP, the closest enemy, and the “Most Wanted” enemy. Etienne also heals himself and the strong drones X HP.

Green Skill: Aerial Combat (Fantastic Damage)
When Etienne activates “Drone Swarm,” the UAV drone becomes a devastating combat drone while “Drone Swarm” is active. The UCAV deals X damage plus X bonus critical damage.

Etienne also gains Z Basic Damage while the UCAV is active.

Blue Skill: Perma-UCAV (TRUE Damage)
Once Etienne falls below 50% of his Max HP, the UAV becomes a permanent combat drone for the rest of the wave, additionally attacking 50% faster. If Etienne activates “Drone Swarm” while the UCAV is active in this state, the drone will become even stronger, dealing X bonus True Damage and attacking 75% more faster.

Etienne’s drones also stun the closest enemy for 5 seconds if the Perma-UCAV is active.

Purple Skill: Weapons, Hot!
Etienne gains 25% attack speed whenever he summons a strong drone for the rest of the wave, and Z Normal and Fantastic Crit per drone on screen. This includes the UCAV and the Mini Drones.

Red Skill: C’est Beau
Etienne now heals all allies Z HP whenever he summons a drone, and his drones deal 150% more damage to Invisible, Energized, and stunned enemies.

For the first 5 seconds of each wave, Etienne will launch the 4 mini drones and target the enemy with the Most Max HP.

The bonus damage is reduced against enemies above level Z.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+Z Max HP
+Z Skill Power
+Z Damage to “Aerial Combat”


Etienne-Chip & Dale
Campaign Name: “Sky Pirate Scuffle”
Chip & Dale ask Etienne for help on taking down Don Carnage and his command of Sky Pirates.
Allies: Launchpad, John Silver, Ron Stoppable

Disk: Ready To Fly
”Aerial Combat” Shields and Stun
+Z Basic Damage
+Z Reality per Damage role ally
• When “Aerial Combat” triggers, Etienne and allies gain a shield that has X HP that lasts 7 seconds.
• The UCAV stuns enemies for 2/4/6/8/10 seconds every 5 basic attacks

Campaign Name: “Hunny Heist”
Etienne decides to help Winnie collect Hunny with his drones, but shenanigans ensue!
Allies: Tigger, Sisu, Carl

Disk: Cloud Jumping
Drones Redirect Damage From Allies
+Z Max HP to Etienne’s Strong Drones
+Z Armor
• Etienne’s Strong Drones redirect 8%/16%/24%/32%/40% of the damage allies would receive to them.
• When a Strong Drone is KO’d, they deal Z damage to nearby enemies.

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