"Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust" - 3rd Grand Concept Creation Contest 2022 [Unlikely Submissions]

Welcome dear forumers to the 3rd Grand Concept Creation Contest 2022 with the motto “Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust.”

No more waiting… The contest begins now… Upload your concepts as a thread and paste the link in the comments.
Note: This topic is only for the concepts, so if you have anything else to say or ask, you can do it in the announcement post.

Rules For The Unlikely Category

  1. Each participant can submit ONLY ONE concept in the unlikely category.

  2. The concepts must abide forum rules. No swearing or inappropriate things.

  3. All friendship disks must be with characters currently in the game.

  4. A concept previously posted on the forums will be disqualified.

  5. The concept may be about any character from any media, excluding characters exclusively from YouTube and other video platforms.

  6. Bio information and source are necessary for Unlikely concepts for the judges to understand who the character is.

  7. Submissions MUST follow format

Let the contest begin! Good luck everyone!


Here’s my unlikely submission: Ladybug (from Miraculous Ladybug, naturally!)

Sorry I got confused

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It was worth a try. I’ll find something else to post

Befana (Miraculous Ladybug Villain Concept) - Creative Corner / Hero Concepts - Disney Heroes: Battle Mode (disneyheroesgame.com)

Hopefully this will meet the criteria.

Here’s My Unlikely Submission Of Moses From The Prince Of Egypt

I got my submission ready!
Kirby, Tiff, and Tuff (unlikely concept)

Oof… I was about to make a concept of Kirby as my unlikely submission. :sweat_smile:


The Zombies…Uh I mean…a contest entry is coming!

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I’d like to present: THE BIC BOY!

Dang this bat can spit mad bars
This is my contest entry

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C’est la vie, mon Ami!

The submissions will be closed in abt 2 hours. You still have time to upload your concepts!

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Submissions are officially closed! Thank u all for participating and good luck!

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