Amphibia final episode

Mark your calendars because on Saturday May 14th is the final episode of Amphibia you need to watch this it’s going to be good


Wait like forever? Or is it just for the season

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No season 3 of Amphibia is the last season

Did you mark your calendars for the final episode of Amphibia

According to what I read, the “finale” is actually 3 episodes with an overarching plot.
The finale episode just concludes the plot.

Looking forward to seeing the remaining episodes of the season.
There are only 9 episodes of season 3 on DisneyPlus currently.

But it’s a little bittersweet considering this is probably the end of the series forever.
Very few Disney shows have earned a 4th season, especially animated ones.

The final episode will be at 8pm on Saturday May 14th on Disney Channel and Speaking of Amphibia I see some characters that are good enough to enter the game like Anne

Kim Possible, Phineas and Ferb, and Star vs the forces of evil had 4 seasons most of them had 2 to 3 seasons and a few had one season

Hoping Anne, Marcy and Sasha get added to the game as playable characters one day.

Grime might also be a good one to add.
Also would like Frobo and Polly as a paired character.


You forgot about Sprig and Hop Pop King Andrias Ivy Sundew and Maddie Flour


I couldn’t imagine skill concepts for Hop Pop and Sprig, so that is why I didn’t put them on the list.
But informally guessing, Hop Pop would be a melee brawler and Sprig would be ranged combat with his slingshot.

Ivy Sundew and Maddie Flour are secondary characters, so I doubt they will be considered for inclusion.

According to the community, massive characters like Andrias can’t be added due to scale issues:

His hand alone is the size of a character!

Facts because he’s too big

Anne was with the Frogs, Sasha was with the Toads and Marcy was with the Newts

Noo!! I really liked the show :sob:

I know things we’re getting better like in Ducktales 2017 plus most Disney channel animation shows have only 3 seasons

Its very sad how they all were supposed to get extra seasons and then they just didn’t

I know right

Were they meant to though?
I hear that statement a lot, but it’s often a desire by fans to keep the franchise going.

When a show gets extended due to fan request, the extra season is always different, because they only wrote a story arc for 3 seasons and suddenly have to invent a whole new arc without time to prepare.

Since the plot threads were all wrapped up, it kindof disconnects the next season from the one that came before.

I found this poster that can give us a clue on the finale


You don’t understand of this poster

Yes I do I understand who will be in this finale and what I think it will be like

You’re about to find out

Just watch

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