Amphibia recap

Before the final episode this Saturday at 8pm on Disney Channel let’s recap and I know most of y’all probably didn’t get to see All In because y’all live in different countries so if I were you just wait

This is how I see it: Anne, Marcy and Sasha were best friends when they were young at Sleepovers Marcy was making them watch the same movie and they just ignored it, in fact they were ignoring what she wants to do. One day at school they pull a prank and only Marcy and Sasha gets away with it and only Anne gets in trouble and the principle wants her to write an essay about who she is. The next day was Anne’s Birthday and Sasha decided that she and Anne should skip school and go celebrate her birthday somewhere else and on that day Marcy at the library reading but then sees a music box in a book someone drops, After that she went to go catch up with Sasha and Anne but when she was about to go her parents called her to come home because they had to talk so she goes home to find out what it was and it was that her father got a new job out of the city which will cause her to move away so Marcy so sad runs away but then spotted a music box in a store, and while Sasha was celebrating Anne’s Birthday with Anne, Marcy called them and told them about the music box she found so they met up with her at the store she finds it in, However Anne’s parents texted Anne to come home because her party was gonna start in a a few minutes but she decided to spend a little more time with Sasha, so the two caught up to Marcy at the store and as they made it Sasha and Marcy dared Anne to steal the music box and the cashier never noticed. When they opened the music box they get sucked into another place called Amphibia and the three were at each place, Anne was sent to Wartwood, Sasha was sent to Toad Tower and Marcy was sent to Newtopia.

Isn’t all of this explained in a single episode? I forgot which one, but I remember there being an episode which shows literally all of this

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Well no this explains the beginning parts of a couple episodes with them on earth before it goes off to now where they were which was in Amphibia and also I’m not ready for Amphibia to end

Well it’s definitely somewhere in season 1 or in the first half of episodes of season 2

Because I remember all that even though I stopped watching Amphibia somewhere within season 2 :man_shrugging:

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Well some parts I mentioned was in season 3 and I’m not gonna lie Amphibia is emotional

What I’m saying is you don’t need to watch season 3 to know how Anne & Co. arrived in Amphibia

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I know this is just explaining all of Anne’s times with Marcy and Sasha on earth

…then what was the point of this topic?

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It’s to recap everything that happened in Amphibia like how Anne meets sprig and he and the planters took her in and tried to fit in Wartwood while Marcy and Sasha tried to fit in where they got in

The prologue is not everything…

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I know that it’s just mentioning good or bad things that happened before the adventure ends this Saturday

That was presented last week.

And this was from newest episode

And this from S2 finale.

Do you see how it goes?

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