Announcement for a future project

Announcement for Future Project

Hello everyone, it’s tragic. I’ve come to make an announcement for my new project. This is a grand project that I’m seriously excited to work on. Ladies and gentlemen, I present:

The DHBM Grand Hall!

An apartment complex within the digital city designed specifically for the formers in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. You see, in the DHBM game, the forums isn’t just a discourse, it’s where all the forumers live and interact with each other. Once I actually describe how it works, it’ll be easier to understand.

Why are you making this?
I was thinking about Wralph 2 and how terrible the plot…I mean how great the setting was and I wanted to incorporate how they portray websites into this idea.

When will you be creating this?
The full info of the DHBM grand hall will be coming soon! I just have to get some ideas written down. If you want to PM me with some ideas or questions, please do so!

See you soon!

Alright, you can stop paying attention to this post. Here is the link


OMG this is amazing!!

Thanks! I got a whole lot of ideas in store!

I want in on this…

This is a great idea. But what exactly are u planning to do in this project?

I have just released the project!

Also, don’t necropost next time ok?

I know. I’m waiting…

Oh I already released the project

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